TracPhone FB150

TracPhone FB150
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Meet the challenges of the 21st century and gain a vital competitive advantage by bringing true broadband Internet connections to sea with KVH’s new ultra-compact satellite communications system – the TracPhone FB150 with Inmarsat FleetBroadband service.

The TracPhone FB150 antenna is the smallest in KVH’s family of Inmarsat FleetBroadband-compatible TracPhone systems and is perfect for vessels as small as 40 feet. When you're going out to sea, you need a satellite phone you can trust. The fully stabilized TracPhone FB150 offers IP data connections up to 150 Kbps and simultaneous voice and SMS service, all via Inmarsat’s trusted FleetBroadband network with its new I-4 satellite constellation offering you service for the next 20 years and beyond!

Control costs and maximize revenue with real-time broadband data that enhances the efficiency of your maritime operations. Gain access to weather data, sea conditions, chart updates, office networks, and onshore logistics and maintenance resources. For the first time, broadband at sea is small enough and affordable enough for you to rely on wherever you operate. And it’s all brought to you by KVH and Inmarsat, the leaders in maritime broadband.

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Options & Accessories


01-0319 : TracPhone FB150; Compact Dome; with 10m (32 ft.) antenna cable

01-0320 : TracPhone FB150; with 10m (32 ft.) antenna cable7


01-0321 : TracPhone FB 150; Empty Dome/Baseplate; complete assembly

34-S67127570 :
Grounding Kit; for TracPhone FB150, FB250, FB500

34-S683742A-920 : Mast Mounting Kit; for TracPhone FB150/250

72-0421-SL :
Matching Dome Kit to place a TracPhone FB150 into a dome to match a TracVision M5 with Silver Baseplate; complete assembly


Service Provider

Airtime Services
KVH offers great
rates with special
benefits & services!
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Inmarsat FleetBroadband

Service Coverage Area



Maximum Download Speed1

150 Kbps


Maximum Upload Speed1

150 Kbps

Billing Method


Typical Cost per MB (see rate sheet)

$27.99 USD

Typical Cost per Minute for Voice (see rate sheet)

$.79 USD

Antenna Unit Diameter x Height/Weight
13" x 14"/11 lbs
(33 cm x 34 cm/5 kg)
Alternate Antenna Unit Diameter x Height/Weight
11” x 12”/9 lbs
(27 cm x 29 cm/4 kg)
Matching TracVision Unit
Standard - M1 
Alternate - not available
Antenna Operating Temperature
-13°F to +131°F
(-25°C to +55°C)
Antenna Survival Temperature
-40°F to +185°F
(-40°C to +85°C)
Antenna Unit Power

10-32 VAC


Inmarsat approved; Compliant to RTTE, CE Marked

1 Year Parts; 1 Year Labor3


1 Published data speeds are maximum speeds and may vary in different regions and under different conditions.
Unless subject to in-country regulations. Restrictions apply. Visit for details.

Brochures & Datasheets

Additional Documents, Forms & Pricing


KVH supports our Inmarsat airtime customers with a world-class customer service department staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you ever have a problem or question about your Inmarsat service, help is always available to solve your problem fast.

KVH is also the first company to offer on-line viewing of detailed account and usage information for your satellite service. Never deal with paper statements again! With KVH Inmarsat airtime service, you will have the convenience of viewing your detailed billing information on-line, wherever you travel. To access your on-line account information, visit the Inmarsat Airtime from KVH page.

FleetBroadband is the newest maritime satellite communications and Internet service from Inmarsat. It operates using Inmarsat's new I-4 satellites and offers faster data rates (up to 432 Kbps) and lower costs in more compact antennas with global coverage.

Inmarsat Fleet, which has been available since 2002, offers global voice, fax, and Internet, with data rates as fast as 128 Kbps via KVH's TracPhone F77 system.


While the domes protecting these antennas may look the same, the TracPhone V7 and KVH's Inmarsat FleetBroadband-compatible TracPhone systems offer a range of differences as well as complementary benefits.

The TracPhone FB500, FB250, and FB150 systems work with Inmarsat FleetBroadband service. It offers:

• Global voice, Internet and fax service
• Data rates ranging by plan from 128 to 432 Kbps
• Unsurpassed reliability in all weather and sea conditions

The TracPhone V7 uses the breakthrough mini-VSAT Broadband service, a new technology that offers:

• Global high-speed marine broadband Internet
• Data rates as fast as 512 Kbps (upload) and 2 MB (download)
• Voice service that can support multiple lines simultaneously
• Choice of fixed-fee, data rate-based and open-rate, pay-by-the-megabyte subscription plans
• Fully integrated design developed by KVH Industries and ViaSat

Absolutely! KVH provides outstanding rates on a variety of Inmarsat services, including Inmarsat FleetBroadband, Fleet, mini-M, Inmarsat-C, and mini-C. If you currently use a non-KVH product that is compatible with these services, we encourage you to compare our prices and sign up for Inmarsat airtime from KVH. We offer 24/7 customer support, on-line account management, and flexible service packages.

For complete information regarding available services and KVHís outstanding rates, visit the Inmarsat Airtime from KVH page.
Yes! KVH's TracPhone systems are all designed to offer Internet and e-mail access along with voice connections.
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An Introduction to Inmarsat FleetBroadband
  • Uses powerful FleetBroadband service from Inmarsat
  • A choice of airtime plans to fit your needs1
  • Broadband data rates as fast as 150 Kbps
  • Inmarsat Airtime Services provided by KVH offer exclusive airtime benefits and a single point of contact for both hardware and airtime questions
  • Always-on connection for e-mail, Internet and Intranet (via secure VPN)
  • Compact design for easy installation and simple below-decks connections to your computer and phones
  • Inmarsat FleetBroadband Activation Process Checklist - Use this handy activation process checklist to ensure you submit all necessary forms for activating your system
  • World-class warranty coverage and support

1 See Inmarsat Airtime Services rate plans for details.

Featured Options

  • KVH CommBox™
    KVH’s versatile  CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager offers an array of fully integrated data and network management tools that enhance your maritime communications connections. Capabilities such as least-cost routing allows you to easily switch between communications devices, while patented data compression technology increases the speed of your Internet browsing by reducing the amount of data being sent and received. 
  • Complementary Systems
    Looking for a matching satellite TV system for a stylish dual-dome installation? The TracVision M1 is a perfect match for the TracPhone FB150.

Satellite Coverage

The following satellite footprint information is intended as a general reference only. The satellite maps do not guarantee coverage and may change without notice. Also be aware that various conditions may cause signal quality to degrade along fringe coverage areas.

 Inmarsat FleetBroadband Satellite Coverage Map

White Papers & Case Studies

  • Learn more! Download and read our white papers for more details about KVH's satellite communications technology.
  • Find out how commercial fleets around the globe are gaining a competitive advantage thanks to KVH's satellite communications technology. Read a case study today!
  • Get the scoop on tips and tricks for KVH satellite products and services.

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