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KVH’s powerful 32" (82 cm) TracVision M9 satellite TV system equips 80+ ft. yachts with outstanding satellite TV reception (including high-definition programming) and a sleek look that matches today’s streamlined vessels.

Powered by KVH’s exclusive RingFire™ antenna technology, integrated GPS, and fully automatic, stabilized skew adjustment, the TracVision M9 outperforms any similarly sized antenna on the market in rough seas and farther offshore! Plus, a unique mechanical design allows the antenna to be housed in a dome that is 35% smaller than competing systems so it looks great, too. Whether your vessel is at the dock, at anchor, or cruising on the deep blue sea, KVH’s TracVision M9 will bring you hundreds of channels of uninterrupted, crystal-clear digital entertainment with CD-quality sound – in fact, the TracVision M9’s WorldWide TV satellite library is preprogrammed to receive broadcasts from your favorite satellite TV services around the world!

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Options & Accessories


01-0282-01 : TracVision M9 w/Master Control Unit; Circular Dual-output LNB

01-0282-03 : TracVision M9 w/Master Control Unit; GLA Circular Dual-output LNB

01-0282-04 : TracVision M9 w/Master Control Unit; Linear Quad-output LNB

01-0282-05 : TracVision M9 w/Master Control Unit; Sky Mexico Version; Linear Dual-output LNB

01-0282-06 : TracVision M9 w/Master Control Unit w/Tri-Americas Dual Output LNB


19-0866 : DISH ViP 211Z Mobile Receiver w/IR Remote Control


72-0412 : Master Receiver Selector (MRS) for DIRECTV or DISH Network


KVH's powerful 82 cm worldwide satellite TV solution. For yachts 80+ ft.
Satellite Coverage Regions 1
Compatible Satellite TV Services
All Ku-band regional services worldwide2
Antenna Dish Diameter
81.3 cm (32")
Antenna Unit Diameter x Height/Weight
88.9 cm x 98.7 cm (35" x 38.9") /
38.6 kg (85 lbs)
DVB-S2 Compatible
Minimum EIRP4
43 dBW (Ku-band)
HDTV Compatible
(requires a compatible HD receiver, HD-ready television, and subscription)
Yes (Ku-band services)
Skew Control
LNB Types Available (polarization/output)
Circular Dual
Linear Dual
Linear Universal Quad
Tracking Technology
High-Performance (HP) tracking
User Interface
Master Control Unit (MCU
GyroTrac (Tuna Tower) Upgrade Available
Not Applicable: Gyros Built-in
Tri-Americas LNB Compatible
Elevation/Azimuth Range
-15° to +80°/720°
System Power
24-30 VDC
2.5 amps (continuous)
(Consult price list for alternative cabling options)
1 Power/Data cable: 30 m (100') (single cable) RF cables customer supplied
Antenna Operating Temperature
-20°C to +65°C (-4°F to +149°F)
Antenna Survival Temperature
-35°C to +70°C (-31°F to +158°F)
2 Years Parts, 1 Year Labor
North American System Configuration KVH Part Number
Circular Dual:
EMEA/Asia8, Brazil9 System Configuration KVH Part Number10
Linear Universal Quad: 01-0282-04
Latin American System Configuration KVH Part Number10
Galaxy Circular Dual: 01-0282-03
SKY Mexico System Configuration KVH Part Number10
Sky Linear Dual:
Tri-Americas LNB Upgrade Kit Part Number10

1 For details, visit
2 Requires region-specific receiver and service.
3 N. America DIRECTV only; DIRECTV receiver included.
4 Please note that all circular Ka-/Ku-/Ka-band Minimum EIRP values are average approximate figures that may vary according to actual transponder frequency and location.
5 Single receiver system.
6 Some system configurations require additional RF cables
7 Unless subject to in-country regulations.
8 Some services in Asia require unique circular LNBs to work; contact KVH or your local dealer for more information.
9 Sky Brazil service.
10 Optional system configuration – contact KVH for details and pricing.
11 Limited coverage regions in Europe; visit for details
12 Tri-Americas Circular is a dual-band LNB for both DIRECTV L.A. and DIRECTV U.S. services.


Document File Info
INSTALLATION GUIDE - TracVision M9 - Standard Configuration - For Antenna S/N 100200498 - Present PDF file 9.5 MB / 29 pg
USER'S GUIDE - TracVision M9 - Standard Configuration - For Antenna S/N 100200498 - Present PDF file 3 MB / 81 pg

Additional Documents, Forms & Pricing



Please refer to the TracVision quick start guide or installation manual for details on Bell TV receivers that KVH has tested and approved.

Empty domes are available should you wish to have a matching dome installation on your boat. Also, KVH's TracPhone domes are identical to their TracVision counterparts, enabling you to have a balanced, dual-dome installation that offers satellite TV and satellite communications. Click here to find a KVH dealer near you for information and pricing.
No. All TracVision antennas can support multiple video screens and multiple receivers so each TV screen can show a different channel.
Yes, a single TracVision antenna can support multiple video screens. As with satellite TV in your house, if you have a single receiver, all of the TV screens will show the same programming. However, if you install multiple receivers, each video screen can watch a different channel simultaneously. All TracVision antennas support both configurations, however, some models require additional hardware.
Thanks to KVH's exclusive RingFire antenna technology, the M-series antennas offer extended coverage and reception capabilities stronger than both our previous industry-leading marine TracVision systems and any similarly sized competing systems. So what does this actually mean to a boater? You can go farther offshore and still receive satellite TV where other similarly sized systems have lost the signal. Plus, the antenna will continue to receive sufficient signal even in bad weather. Visit our coverage maps page for additional details.
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  • Compatible with popular Ku-band HDTV and standard-definition satellite TV programming around the globe1
  • KVH’s WorldWide TV satellite library is preprogrammed to track over 70 satellites from popular satellite TV providers around the world, so there’s no need to add them manually
  • Dynamic, stabilized skew control and an exclusive, integrated gyro-stabilized digital compass for the fastest satellite acquisition and unmatched tracking
  • Versatile Master Control Unit for trouble-free set up, easy system monitoring, multi-satellite configuring, and easy switching between satellite TV services
  • Supports automatic satellite switching from your remote control (a KVH exclusive) and multiple TVs and receivers so everyone onboard can enjoy the TV programs they want2
  • High-Performance (HP™) DVB® tracking for superior offshore performance in even the most demanding conditions
  • World-class warranty coverage and support

1 Requires a compatible HD receiver and HD-ready television. Additional accessories may be required for some configurations. For details, visit
2 May require region-specific LNB and receiver. Ku-band satellite services only. Coverage areas vary by antenna size. For complete region coverage capabilities, visit the TracVision Satellite Coverage page.

Featured Options

  • Master Receiver Selector
    KVH's Master Receiver Selector is an exclusive, enhanced multiswitch for TracVision systems. It supports installations with multiple DIRECTV, DISH Network, or Bell TV receivers and TVs, allows you to choose which receiver will be the “master” capable of switching satellites, and offers full support for DISH Network’s TurboHD programming broadcast by the 129°W satellite.
  • Tri-Americas LNB
    If you cruise from North America to South America and back again, enjoy seamless satellite TV throughout your journey with KVH's Tri-Americas LNB!
  • Complementary Systems
    Check out KVH’s breakthrough TracPhone V7 with mini-VSAT Broadband or a TracPhone Inmarsat FleetBroadband communications system designed to match your TracVision while providing powerful broadband services.

Exclusive Technology

  • RingFire Technology
    KVH’s proprietary RingFire technology is a remarkable breakthrough in antenna design, fusing precisely shaped, tuned parabolic dish antennas with custom-designed, dual-mode feed tubes and uniquely modified LNBs. RingFire technology provides unmatched illumination of the reflector resulting in signal strengths comparable to competitors’ larger antennas. This means that with TracVision, you'll enjoy wider geographic coverage and better reception than with competing antennas, even in extreme weather.

Satellite Coverage

The following satellite footprint information is intended as a general reference only. The satellite maps do not guarantee coverage and may change without notice. Also be aware that various conditions may cause signal quality to degrade along fringe coverage areas.


TracVision M-series Testimonials

“Kimosabe, is equipped with a KVH TV system and it is excellent! We can make sharp turns, hit rough waters, and still keep the picture. There’s no resetting or antenna unwinding and we very, very rarely lose reception.”

- Michael Cantor, owner, Kimosabe, Linden, NJ

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