DSP-3000 Fiber Optic Gyro

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Ideal for Stabilization Applications
One of KVH’s most widely fielded gyros; the DSP-3000 fiber optic gyroscope offers a combination of exceptional low noise, and high resistance to shock and vibration. With options of digital, analog and digital RS-232 outputs, the DSP-3000 is extremely versatile, and an ideal choice for weapon platform stabilization, precision pointing, antenna and optical sensor stabilization, as well as integration into such higher systems as inertial measurement units (IMUs), GNSS/inertial navigation systems, and Attitude, Heading and Reference Systems (AHRS).

Proven Affordable and Reliable
The DSP-3000 package is slightly larger than a deck of playing cards and weighs less than 0.27 kg. This modular gyroscope delivers superior precision and reliable performance at low cost.

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  • Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) product
  • Single-axis FOG, modular design for 1-, 2-, or 3-axis configurations
  • 1° per hour performance
  • Powerful high-speed RS-422 interface with 100 Hz asynchronous output 
  • Industry-standard 26-pin connector
  • Exceptional bias stability and scale factor linearity – minimal temperature and power-up errors
  • Excellent reliability: >55,000 hours MTBF, Ground Mobile
  • Robust for a wide variety of applications including platform stabilization, antenna/radar/optics stabilization, IMU, GPS/INS, and AHRS integration

This product is covered by one or more patents.

Featured Highlights

  • If you need a high-performance, dual-axis militarized fiber optic gyro for superior stabilization, consider the DSP-4000 FOG.
  • If you need a compact FOG with a powerful high-speed RS-422 interface with 100 Hz asynchronous output, consider the commercial DSP-3100 FOG.
  • If you require a true RS-422 interface and a 1000 Hz synchronous output in a durable, shielded package, take a look at the commercial DSP-3400 FOG.

Exclusive Technology

  • DSP Technology
    KVH's Digital Signal Processing (DSP) electronics improve fiber optic gyro performance in such critical areas as scale factor and bias versus temperature, scale factor linearity, turn-on to turn-on repeatability, and maximum input rate. The breakthrough DSP design is covered by multiple patents and overcomes the limitations of analog signal processing, virtually eliminating temperature-sensitive drift and rotation errors.*

* This product is covered by one or more patents, including U.S. Patent #6,429,939, "DSP Signal Processing for Open Loop Fiber Optic Sensors."

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DSP 3000: Choosing the Right FOG to Meet Your Needs


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