TG-6000 IMU

TG-6000 IMUTG-6000 IMU
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The KVH TG-6000 Tactical Grade Inertial Measurement Unit is a high-performance, 6 degrees-of-freedom, fiber optic gyro-based motion sensing package ideally suited for motion control and GPS-integrated navigation applications.

This highly reliable, strap-down inertial subsystem provides accurate measurement of angular rate and linear acceleration and achieves its excellent performance by employing proprietary algorithms to characterize and correct for the effects of temperature, linearity, and misalignment. Output data is provided in a digital (RS-422) format, as well as other available digital formats. The KVH TG-6000 IMU offers the best-value solution whether your application involves flight control, orientation, instrumentation, or navigation.

The TG 6000 is controlled by the Arms Export Control Act (Title 22, USC Sec 2751 et seq.) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, ITAR, 22 CFR 120-130, and may not be exported from the United States or disclosed to a foreign person in the united States except as authorized by those regulations.

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  • Compact, 6-degrees of freedom inertial measurement unit designed using KVH’s patented DSP fiber optic technology
  • Measures roll, pitch, and yaw angular rate and X, Y, Z acceleration
  • 1°/ hour stability
  • Excellent shock and vibration performance
  • Long life and flexible interfacing
  • Affordable, robust, rugged design
  • Ideal for applications including avionics, antenna and optics stabilization, UAV/ROV guidance, flight controls, GPS augmentation, marine motion sensing, navigation, and autonomous vehicles

This product is covered by one or more patents.

Exclusive Technology

  • DSP Technology
    KVH's Digital Signal Processing (DSP) electronics improve fiber optic gyro performance in such critical areas as scale factor and bias versus temperature, scale factor linearity, turn-on to turn-on repeatability, and maximum input rate. The breakthrough DSP design is covered by multiple patents and overcomes the limitations of analog signal processing, virtually eliminating temperature-sensitive drift and rotation errors.*

* This product is covered by one or more patents, including U.S. Patent #6,429,939, "DSP Signal Processing for Open Loop Fiber Optic Sensors."

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TG-6000: Choosing the Right FOG to Meet Your Needs

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