CNS-5000 INS

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Technologies Coupled for Accurate Outcomes
The CNS-5000 brings together two powerful technologies - a KVH fiber optic gyro (FOG)-based inertial measurement unit (IMU) and NovAtel’s OEM6® GNSS precision receiver technology for an inertial navigation system (INS) that delivers accuracy at an affordable price. In one compact package, these technologies are deeply coupled to enable the CNS-5000 to process raw data from the GPS and IMU, and deliver an inertial navigation solution offering highly accurate position, velocity and attitude information. The CNS-5000 provides accurate inertial navigation even when GNSS is blocked, jammed or unavailable. This robust inertial navigation system (INS) is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product so it simplifies the logistics for those customers whose systems cross international boundaries.

High Output in Demanding Environments
The deeply coupled technologies in the CNS-5000 provide significantly faster GNSS signal reacquisition while maintaining precise inertial navigation. This INS is the ideal solution for a wide range of motion-control and GNSS-integrated navigation applications, including geo-referencing applications, surveying and mobile mapping, navigation for unmanned and autonomous systems and robotics. Designed for mission critical applications and demanding environments, the CNS-5000 INS is also ideal for highly dynamic applications with its high rate output of position, velocity and attitude data.

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  • Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) product
  • Deeply coupled integration of GNSS/IMU technology within a single enclosure
  • Dramatically faster GNSS signal reacquisition while maintaining precise inertial navigation
  • Patented Digital Signal Processing (DSP) FOGs for high reliability and stable performance
  • Full 100 Hz position, velocity and attitude sensing
  • Integrated L-Band tracking capability
  • RTK, DGPS, Omnistar, and SBAS positioning modes
  • Proven GPS tracking via NovAtel’s OEM6® GNSS receiver
  • Wheel sensor input for ground applications

This product is covered by one or more patents.

Featured Options

  • Consider the KVH CNS-5000 Inertial Navigation System (INS) when you need a high-performance, 6 degree-of-freedom, fiber optic gyro-based motion sensing package ideally suited for motion control and GNSS-integrated navigation applications.
  • For applications already equipped with GNSS, but requiring a precise, single-enclosure inertial measurement system, check out KVH’s line of high-performance inertial measurement units (IMUs).

Exclusive Technology

  • DSP Technology
    KVH's Digital Signal Processing (DSP) electronics improve fiber optic gyro performance in such critical areas as scale factor and bias versus temperature, scale factor linearity, turn-on to turn-on repeatability, and maximum input rate. The breakthrough DSP design is covered by multiple patents and overcomes the limitations of analog signal processing, virtually eliminating temperature-sensitive drift and rotation errors.*

* This product is covered by one or more patents, including U.S. Patent #6,429,939, "DSP Signal Processing for Open Loop Fiber Optic Sensors."

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CNS-5000: Choosing the Right FOG to Meet Your Needs


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