C100 Compass Engine

c100 caseingc100 Compass Enginec100 Compass Enginec100 Compass Engine
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Ideal for Demanding Applications
A compact, low-cost compass module, the KVH C100 supplies accurate heading data, whether as a stand-alone or integrated into other systems. Its rugged military-grade construction makes it versatile and reliable in extreme locations and environments. 

Suitable for Remote Mounting
Automatic compensation ensures the highest degree of accuracy from the C100, while menu-driven software control makes it possible to configure its output for use in other products. The C100 can also be connected to a PC for prototype testing. The mechanical design of the unhoused version of the unit permits one-piece mounting in simple installations; a detachable sensor element allows use in applications where space restrictions or sources of magnetic interference require remote mounting.

Spoofing the GPS Signal
If you care about your ship's heading, read this! Read more »

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Brochures & Datasheets

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DATASHEET - C100 - A4 format PDF file 471 KB / 2 pg
DATASHEET - C100 コンパスエンジン - (Japanese) PDF file 561 KB / 2 pg

Additional Documents, Forms & Pricing

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Data rates up to 10 Hz are available using the KVH C100 compass engine.


The KVH C100 compass engine offers both analog and digital outputs. In analog, linear DC voltage and sin/cos DC voltages are offered. In digital, several variations of RS-232 and NMEA 0183 are available.


The typical accuracy of the C100 compass engine after calibration is ± 0.5 degrees.

The C100 has a current drain of 25 mA.

The C100 compass engine will operate as far as 80 degrees north or south magnetic latitude. This limit is the result of the three-dimensional nature of the earth's magentic vector. Once you proceed higher than 80 degrees north or south, the vertical component of the vector starts to become greater than the horizontal and the compass will be unable to operate correctly.

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  • Automatic compensation ensures the highest degree of accuracy
  • Multiple user-selectable digital and analog outputs
  • Operates in latitudes with as much as an 80º magnetic dip
  • Compact design; variety of coil arrangements available to suit your needs
  • Embeddable version features a removable sensor element for remote mounting; housed variant is also available
  • Industrial grade, extended temperature components rated at -40°C to +65°C and built to military quality standards

Featured Options

  • C100 Compass Engine – Housed Variant
    The C100 is also available with the sensor contained within a durable aluminum housing for use in applications in which the sensor is not embedded within another product.


Software Updates

  • Visit our Software Updates page for more details about KVH's C100 Compass Engine

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