DSP-1750 Fiber Optic Gyro

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Groundbreaking Performance
The DSP-1750 delivers performance never before achieved in FOGs of similar size. Utilizing KVH’s new 170-micron E•Core ThinFiber, the world’s smallest D-shaped optical fiber, it delivers extremely low noise coupled with high bandwidth. This super-compact FOG offers input rates five times faster (choice of ±490°/sec or ±1000°/sec*) than KVH’s original DSP-1500, angle random walk an order of magnitude better than the DSP-1500, and bias stability previously only available in closed-loop fiber optic gyros and ring laser gyros.

Innovative, Versatile Design
Featuring a flexible design in which the 1.7" diameter optical sensor is separate from the control electronics, this two-piece design allows the sensor to be installed directly on the sensitive axis, while the control circuit cards can be integrated elsewhere. This innovative design makes the DSP-1750 easy to integrate into customer platforms where space and payload weight are at a premium. Available in both single- and dual-axis configurations, and in digital or analog outputs, the DSP-1750 is designed for a wide range of precision navigation, stabilization, and pointing applications where low noise and high performance across the entire range of operating temperatures are critical.

Ideal applications include long-range optical and sensor systems, gimbals, autonomous vehicle navigation, and the stabilization of virtually all types of commercial equipment platforms.

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At this time, the DSP-1750 only supports asynchronous outputs. However, our compact DSP-3000, DSP-3100, and DSP-3400 FOGs support synchronous outputs.


The super-compact commercial FOG offers revolutionary performance levels for a unit its size, including:

• input rates 5x faster than KVH’s original DSP-1500 FOG
• angle random walk (ARW) 5x better than the DSP-3000 series
• bias stability 8x better than the DSP-3000 series, a level of performance previously only available in larger, more expensive closed-loop fiber optic gyros and ring laser gyros

For complete details, download the detailed datasheet from the commercial or military/government product pages.


Yes, the DSP-1750 is a commercial off the shelf (COTS) product. Please note, however, that the DSP-1750 High variant, which offers input rates as fast as 1000˚/second, is subject to the U.S. Department of Commerce Export Administration Act of 1979.


KVH’s new E•Core ThinFiber is the world’s smallest D-shaped optical fiber - only 170 microns, a 30% reduction from our original E•Core polarization maintaining fiber. It’s an engineering breakthrough that enables the DSP-1750 to deliver a unique combination of both extremely low noise and very high bandwidth.


KVH’s DSP-1750 is a high-performance, super-compact fiber optic gyro (FOG). It is available in both Standard (input rate = 490˚/second) and High (1,000˚/second) variants.* Designed for maximum versatility, it offers both single- and dual-axis configuration as well as optional magnetic shielding.
Its innovative two-piece design – an optical sensor 1.7" in diameter connected to power and processing electronics via a robust interlocking tether – makes the DSP-1750 easy to integrate into platforms where space and payload weight are at a premium while improving accuracy at the same time.

For complete details, download the detailed datasheet from the commercial or military/government product pages.

* Please Note: The DSP-1750 High is controlled by the Export Administration Act of 1979.

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  • Innovative E•Core ThinFiber enables extreme accuracy in ultra-compact size
  • Angle random walk ≤0.013°/√hr
  • ±490°/sec and ±1000°/sec* input rate options delivering very high bandwidth
  • Superior bias instability of ≤0.1°/hr, 1σ
  • Digital or analog outputs; single- and dual-axis configurations
  • Magnetically shielded option
  • Excellent scale factor and linearity in compact size offers high performance for applications with size and weight restrictions

Featured Options

  • Available with digital or analog outputs, the DSP-1750 offers both single- and dual-axis configurations to support a wide range of applications and installation requirements.
  • Magnetically shielded variants are available for the single- and dual-axis DSP-1750 for superior performance in magnetically aggressive environments.
  • The DSP-1750’s two-piece design enables outstanding installation flexibility.

Exclusive Technology

  • E•Core ThinFiber
    KVH’s proprietary polarization maintaining E•Core ThinFiber delivers outstanding precision performance in much smaller size gyros, such as the DSP-1750. By reducing the overall diameter of KVH’s standard E•Core fiber to just 170 microns (a 30% reduction!), the resulting E•Core ThinFiber dramatically increases the accuracy of our standard size gyros, and produces small gyros that deliver extremely high bandwidth and low noise.
  • DSP Technology
    KVH’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP) electronics improve fiber optic gyro performance in such critical areas as scale factor and bias versus temperature, scale factor linearity, turn-on to turn-on repeatability, and maximum input rate. The innovative DSP design is covered by multiple patents and overcomes the limitations of analog signal processing, virtually eliminating temperature-sensitive drift and rotation errors.

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DSP 1750: Choosing the Right FOG to Meet Your Needs


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