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Inertial Solutions in Autonomous Ground Reference Systems

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Rugged, high accuracy INS and AHRS with embedded GNSS
The GEO-FOG 3D inertial navigation system (INS) is built upon KVH’s landmark high performance Fiber Optic Gyro (FOG)-based 1750 inertial measurement unit (IMU). With a data rate 10x faster than competing systems, the advanced GEO-FOG 3D includes 3 KVH DSP-1750 gyros, the world’s smallest high performance FOG, integrated with 3 low noise MEMS accelerometers, 3 axes of magnetometers, a pressure sensor, and an option of a single or dual antenna GNSS receiver. The GEO-FOG 3D INS uses advanced sensor fusion to deliver reliable, highly accurate navigation and control to a wide variety of unmanned, autonomous, and manned aerial, ground, marine and subsurface applications and platforms.

Precision navigation and positioning even when GNSS is unavailable
Utilizing an innovative sensor fusion algorithm, the high performance GEO-FOG 3D INS filter is more intelligent than the typical Kalman filter used in many inertial solutions. This means the GEO-FOG 3D is capable of extracting significantly more information from the IMU core processor. Designed for challenging navigation and control applications, the embedded GNSS receiver supports all the current and future satellite navigation systems including GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO and BeiDou.

In addition to providing GNSS positioning backed with precise inertial data, the GEO-FOG 3D features a north-seeking algorithm. This provides accurate heading as fast as 10 seconds after power-on from a hot start, and 10 minutes from a cold start. The GEO-FOG 3D north-seeking algorithm runs continuously while the INS is operating, and is not affected by velocity or angular motion. This means the GEO-FOG 3D and GEO-FOG 3D Dual provide highly accurate heading in environments in which magnetometers and GNSS-heading cannot be used.

Designed for mission critical applications
The robust GEO-FOG 3D INS is designed for demanding applications, and has performance monitoring and instability protections to ensure stable and reliable data. The embedded Trimble GNSS receiver includes Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM) to assess the integrity of satellite signals. The GEO-FOG 3D INS also contains a built-in backup MEMS IMU providing seamless inertial data collection in the unlikely event of a primary IMU failure.

The GEO-FOG 3D single antenna INS and the GEO-FOG 3D Dual antenna INS provide ideal solutions for navigation and control in manned, unmanned and autonomous systems including robotics. These INS also offer the best solution for positioning and imaging, georeferencing, land surveying, 3D mobile mapping, and stabilization and orientation.

Guiding Intelligent Solutions
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Strong magnetic fields have the ability to cause apparent drift in the gyro bias. This is due to the Faraday effect on the laser light in the sensing coil resulting in non-reciprocal light paths. While this effect can be observed in gyros designed for precision inertial navigation systems (drift rates of less than 1 degree per hour), and can be mitigated by the use of mu-metal shielding, there have been no reported problems with KVH FOGs. If your application results in mounting a FOG near a very strong magnetic field (>50 gauss), a practical test to determine sensitivity is suggested.



  • Six degrees of freedom (DoF) IMU with integrated high-performance FOGs & accelerometers
  • Groundbreaking sensor fusion algorithm extracts more data than typical Kalman filters
  • Data rate 10x faster than competing systems
  • North-seeking gyrocompass
  • Altitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)
  • Embedded Trimble GNSS receiver
  • Available with single or dual antennas
  • Contains triple or dual frequency GNSS receiver (depending on single or dual antenna variant)
  • Provides up to 8 mm positioning accuracy
  • Fully supports GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO & BieDou
  • Developer Kits available

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