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Rugged Satellite Communications System for Mobile or Remote Field Operations
Add fast and reliable satellite communications to remote field operations, data vans, work trucks, and emergency vehicles with KVH’s small yet powerful 39 cm (15.5"), 11 kg (25 pound) TracPhone V3-IP antenna and the worldwide mini-VSAT Broadband network. TracPhone V3-IP is fully stabilized for convenient in-motion use. This Ku-band VSAT is designed with a rugged protective dome to withstand harsh conditions including dirt, debris, high wind, heavy rain, or snow. The mini-VSAT Broadband service provides fast Internet (downloads as fast as 2 Mbps) and extremely clear voice connections to ensure all communications get through the first time – whether it’s an e-mail containing the morning report or a critical phone call to keep operations going.

Breakthrough New Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) for Ease of Use
Perfect for fast setup and “rig up, rig down” situations, the ICM includes everything needed in one streamlined box:

  • IP-enabled antenna control unit for all antenna functions
  • Built-in CommBox Network Manager for creating unique networks for field crew and other users
  • ArcLight® spread spectrum modem
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP), Ethernet switch, and Wi-Fi capabilities

With its easy installation, TracPhone V3-IP provides Internet and voice service within minutes of outfitting your vehicle or bringing the system to your remote site. TracPhone V3-IP and mini-VSAT Broadband: the ideal solution for the safety and communications needs of your critical operations.

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Options & Accessories

01-0335-11 : TracPhone V3-IP; 2-axis Ku-band Antenna; Rack-mountable Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM)

01-0335-13 : TracPhone V3-IP; 2-axis Ku-band Antenna; Rack-mountable Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM); White Baseplate

01-0357-01 : TracPhone V3-IP/Iridium Pilot SATCOM System Bundle

02-2103 :
IP-MobileCast Commercial Maritime Media Server; Complete with Intel-based microprocessor; 4 swappable hard drives using RAID technology for data protection; multiple Ethernet LAN ports for flexibility in networ

02-2104 : IP-MobileCast Superyacht Media Server; Complete with Intel-based microprocessor; 4 swappable hard drives using RAID technology for data protection; multiple Ethernet LAN ports for flexibility in network configu

72-0666 :
IP-MobileCast Set-top Box: Supports HDMI; includes remote control and HDMI cable; required for accessing content on Television sets


72-0537-01 : Iridium Pilot; Optional Backup System for TracPhone V-Series


Service Provider
mini-VSAT Broadband Service
KVH mini-VSAT Broadband
Antenna Type
Belowdecks Equipment
Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM)

Service Coverage Area1

Seamless Worldwide Regions
Maximum Download Speed1
2 Mbps
Maximum Upload Speed1
128 Kbps
Billing Method

Metered (M)

Typical Cost per Minute for Voice (see rate sheet)

$0.49 USD

Antenna Dish Diameter
36.8 cm (14.5")
Antenna Unit Diameter x Height/Weight
39.4 cm (D) x 44.7 cm (h) / 11.3 kg
(15.5" (D) x 17.6" (h) / 25 lbs)
System Option: CommBox Software Bundles Available
Standard or Enterprise Packages - see “Featured Options” on product page for details
System Option: OneCare Premium Support Program
Available; see for details
Alternate Antenna Unit Diameter x Height/Weight
49 cm (d) x 53 cm (h) / 13.6 kg
19" (d) x 21" (h) / 30 lbs
Elevation/Azimuth Range
7.5° to 75° / 720° rotation
Antenna Operating Temperature
-25°C to +55°C
(-13°F to +131°F)
Antenna Survival Temperature
-35°C to +70ºC
(-31°F to +158°F)
Heading Input
Antenna Unit Power
DC; provided by ICM
ICM (BDU): Dimensions
42.6 cm (l) x 41.4 cm (w) x 2U (h) (16.8" x 16.3" x 2U)
rack-mountable with optional mounting provisions2
ICM (BDU): Weight
5.1 kg (11.25 lbs)
ICM (BDU): Temperature
Operating: -15°C to 55°C (5°F to 131°F);
Survival: -15°C to 70°C (5°F to 158°F)
ICM (BDU): Input Power
100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz auto switching, 1.6 A max
ICM (BDU): Data Interfaces
4 Ethernet: IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX, 100 Mbps; 1 Wi-Fi 802.11; 3 USB ports
ICM (BDU): Voice Interfaces
1 RJ11 port for VoIP services
Remote Support
Complies with the specifications of EC directive 1999/5/EC Radio & Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE), per compliance with EC directive 2006/95/EC, EMC directive 2004/108/EC and IEC 301-427
Comprehensive 2-year parts, 2-year labor warranty supported by KVH’s worldwide Certified Support Network (CSN)3

1 Published data speeds are maximum speeds and may vary in different regions and under different conditions.
2  Unless subject to in-country regulations. Restrictions apply. Visit for details.

Brochures & Datasheets

Document File Info
BROCHURE - TracPhone V3-IP & V7-IP Commercial Land PDF file 2.9 MB / 3 pg
HANDOUT - Protect Your Oilfield Investments PDF file 926 KB / 1 pg
SPEC SHEET - TracPhone V3-IP PDF file 966 KB / 2 pg
SPEC SHEET - TracPhone V3-IP - (Japanese) 1.1 MB / 2 pg
SPEC SHEET - TracPhone V3-IP - (Simplified Chinese) 1.3 MB / 2 pg
SPEC SHEET - TracPhone V3-IP - (Traditional Chinese) 1.4 MB / 2 pg
SPEC SHEET - TracPhone V3-IP - (Korean) 1 MB / 2 pg
SPEC SHEET - TracPhone V3-IP - (EMEA) PDF file 966 KB / 2 pg
mini-VSAT Broadband Available Area/City Codes List - Enhanced Voice Service PDF file 299 KB / 5 pg

Additional Documents, Forms & Pricing

Airtime Rates and FeesFile Info
KVH mini-VSAT Broadband Crew Calling Dialing Instructions, Zone Listings, and Rates PDF file 634 KB / 13 pg
TracPhone V11/V11-IP & V7/V7-IP/V7-HTS – Enhanced Voice Service Long Distance Rate Sheet PDF file 381 KB / 6 pg
Case StudiesFile Info
CASE STUDY - Real-time Data Gives Sabre Energy a Competitive Edge PDF file 3.2 MB / 4 pg
CASE STUDY - Reliable, Next-Generation Communications Save Time and Money for Gore Nitrogen Pumping Service PDF file 1.8 MB / 3 pg
FormsFile Info
Account Administration Form PDF file 164 KB / 1 pg
Airtime Rate Plan Change/Suspension Policies PDF file 49 KB / 1 pg
KVH mini-VSAT Broadband Airtime Activation Service Order – Commercial PDF file 1.5 MB / 19 pg
Policies and AgreementsFile Info
KVH Industries, Inc. OneCare 2 Year/2 Year Limited Warranty Statement With Extended Warranty Option PDF file 38 KB / 2 pg
KVH Master Services Agreement PDF file 223 KB / 8 pg
Professional Services Standard Terms and Conditions PDF file 56 KB / 2 pg
Price ListsFile Info
mini-VSAT Broadband Hardware/Software Bundle Price Sheet PDF file 122 KB / 1 pg
mini-VSAT 하드웨어/소프트웨어 번들 가격표 - (Korean) PDF file 198 KB / 1 pg
mini-VSAT 宽带服务软件和硬件成套系统价格表 - (Simplified Chinese) PDF file 177 KB / 1 pg
mini-VSAT 寬带服务軟體和硬體成套系統價格表 - (Traditional Chinese) PDF file 184 KB / 1 pg
Technical DocumentsFile Info
TECH NOTES - Understanding SATCOM Costs, Metered Plans - This paper presents a quick look at the usage costs for common tasks when utilizing a maritime SATCOM system, including downloading weather maps, or sending e-mails and photos. PDF file 138 KB / 1 pg


Yes! KVH's TracPhone systems are all designed to offer Internet and e-mail access along with voice connections.
To ensure crystal clear phone calls Crew Calling is not recommended. More than one outgoing call could sacrifice call quality due to a maximum V3-IP upload bandwidth of up to 128 Kbps. It is an option with the V7-IP and V11-IP where the maximum upload bandwidth is up to 1 Mbps.
TracPhone V7-HTS – New 60 cm antenna with dual channel configuration, including a 10 Mbps/3 Mbps (download/upload) high speed channel and an unlimited data use channel along with a Ku-band footprint 25 million square miles larger than available via the VIP-series antennas

TracPhone V11-IP - Dual-mode C-/Ku-band antenna for the ultimate in global VSAT connectivity – A 1.1 meter antenna with C-/Ku-band service

TracPhone V7-IP - Fully integrated, enterprise-grade solution for broadband connectivity and onboard network management from a 60 cm antenna with Ku-band service

TracPhone V3-IP - The world’s smallest maritime VSAT, with faster data speeds and lower airtime costs than competitors from a 37 cm antenna with Ku-band service
Yes, the Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) has built in Wi-Fi and 4 available LAN ports.
Via the myKVH portal, accessible via The myKVH portal provides easy access not only to your product information but also the mini-VSAT Manager suite of tools, including vessel location, online/offline status, signal strength, vessel tracking, crew data allocation, and more. myKVH access is given first at the time of activation of the terminal and then by request via KVH Airtime Services.
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  • Ultra-compact Ku-band VSAT system, and extensive worldwide mini-VSAT Broadband network
  • Breakthrough new Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) includes IP-enabled antenna control unit, built-in CommBox Network Manager, ArcLight® spread spectrum modem, Voice Over IP (VoIP), Ethernet switch, and Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Download speeds as fast as 2 Mbps at only $0.99 or less per MB
  • Crystal-clear phone calls worldwide at only $0.49 per minute
  • Complete end-to-end solution with one provider for antenna system hardware, satellite network, airtime plans, 24/7/365 support
  • Rugged, high-performance design with superior tracking and stabilization that locks onto the satellite and doesn’t lose signal 
  • Simplest installation and fastest activation in the industry

Featured Options

CommBox Network Manager Capabilities
TracPhone V3-IP’s breakthrough Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) has a CommBox Network Manager built in so customers can add CommBox networking functionality by simply activating the CommBox software bundle of their choice. 
  • Choose the Standard Bundle for: 
    - QuickBasic: least cost routing, bandwidth management, onboard firewall
    - QuickWeb: web caching, web image compression and ad removal, URL and
       content filtering 
  • Choose the Enterprise Bundle for:
    - QuickBasic: least cost routing, bandwidth management, onboard firewall
    - QuickWeb: web caching, web image compression and ad removal, URL and
       content filtering
    - QuickFile: automated file transfers, differential synchronization
    - QuickMail: mail server, web mail client, anti-spam and anti-virus filters
    - QuickCrew: roaming crew accounts, prepaid Internet and e-mail services

To find out more about the features of CommBox, click here.

GlobalCare Premium Support 
While KVH offers the best standard warranty in the industry, we know first responders have critical connectivity needs and, as a result, may want an added level of service and support. That’s why we offer the GlobalCare Premium Support Program for TracPhone V3-IP customers. Starting with 24/7/365 dedicated hotline numbers to the GlobalCare Center, and using a tiered service support system worldwide, GlobalCare guarantees your forces a new level of support and responsiveness should you experience a technical issue.

Virtual "Local" Numbers
The mini-VSAT Broadband voice service offers a cost-saving option – virtual “local” phone numbers. With this featured option, you may assign up to 5 virtual numbers to your TracPhone V3-IP phone line with calling codes specific to the states or countries of your choice. Share these numbers with your contacts and they’ll avoid long-distance or international calling charges when calling you, regardless of where your vehicles are operating. Contact KVH’s airtime services group for details.

Complementary Systems
Looking for a complementary, in-motion satellite TV system or live news and entertainment on the move? KVH's low-profile TracVision A7 and TracVision R6DX offer outstanding live satellite TV for vehicles ranging from SUVs to recreational vehicles, coaches, and mobile command centers.

Exclusive Technology

Ultra-compact VSAT Antenna
The TracPhone V3-IP is a breakthrough satellite communications product designed for the broadband era and its requirements for onboard networking. Developed by KVH specifically for the industry-leading mini-VSAT Broadband network, TracPhone V3-IP uses a 37 cm (14.5 inch) diameter antenna dish, in a 39 cm (15.5 inch) diameter antenna unit.

Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM)
TracPhone V3-IP’s breakthrough new streamlined ICM includes an IP-enabled antenna control unit, built-in CommBox Network Manager, ArcLight spread spectrum modem, Voice Over IP (VoIP), Ethernet switch, and Wi-Fi capabilities all in a compact 2U unit for faster, trouble-free installations and better user experience.

ArcLight® Technology
KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband network takes a revolutionary approach to satellite communications to maximize data and voice throughput while preventing interference to adjacent satellites. The network is based on ViaSat’s ArcLight Code Reuse Multiple Access (CRMA) spread spectrum technology, which significantly reduces contention issues, transmission delays, and offers more consistent speeds and shorter ping times resulting in faster web page loads compared to traditional Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology relied upon by other VSAT networks.

End-to-end SATCOM Solution
The mini-VSAT Broadband service and KVH TracPhone V-series antennas are the only end-to-end satellite communications solutions from a single provider; KVH manufactures the TracPhone V-series antenna hardware, operates the mini-VSAT Broadband network, manages the airtime, and provides 24/7/365 after-sale support. The benefit: greater reliability, flexibility, quality, and overall ease of use for the customer.

Satellite Coverage

The following satellite footprint information is intended as a general reference only. The satellite maps do not guarantee coverage and may change without notice. Also be aware that various conditions may cause signal quality to degrade along fringe coverage areas.

 mini-VSAT Broadband Satellite Coverage Map

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