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CommBox Ship/Shore Network Management for Commercial Vessels

Commbox Modem
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Full Onboard IT & Communications Solution

Commercial fleets require secure, integrated network management tools to support business efficiency, crew morale, regulatory compliance, and safety needs even if there are limited IT skills on the vessel. KVH’s CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager built into the Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) is the most complete commercial vessel network management tool available for mariners, offering superior flexibility and reliability to competing hardware- and software-only solutions. That’s why thousands of vessels worldwide rely on the KVH CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager to get more out of their onboard communications. CommBox offers:

  • Web caching and web image compression to reduce bandwidth requirements
  • Enterprise extension: remote PC management for customer IT departments
  • Integrated e-mail server, firewalls, and security
  • Least cost routing and bandwidth management for multiple communications carriers
  • Unique networks for operations, charters and/or crew
  • Complete Internet cafe and VoIP solution
  • Content filtering

Flexible Network Management Solutions for Every Vessel's Needs

At the core of the CommBox solution is its outstanding level of flexibility. You choose the features that best suit each vessel. The fully-configurable CommBox comes as built-in software with all KVH’s TracPhone mini-VSAT terminals. CommBox offers unmatched optimization and cost savings whether you operate one vessel or a fleet of 500.

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  • Least cost routing between multiple communications services, with easy-to-configure rules and filters for efficient business at sea and to maximize savings
  • Roaming crew accounts that allow crew members to prepay and access their Internet and e-mail accounts from any vessel in the fleet with a single login
  • Data compression, web caching, and web acceleration to reduce costs and optimize the performance of every communications system on every vessel
  • Easy file transfers from ship to shore and shore to ship, including file compression and synchronization among files and folders
  • Real-time reporting on communications usage and status for each vessel and the fleet as a whole
  • IP routing for remote operations and diagnostics of the vessel network right from fleet headquarters
  • Configurable firewalls and link encryption for data and network security

Featured Options

  • Fully Integrated Onboard Networking with CommBox & mini-VSAT Broadband
    Combining your CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager with a KVH TracPhone V-series antenna system delivers the most complete IT&C solution for your commercial fleet, ensuring optimal performance and efficient operations. CommBox is built into the new TracPhone V3-IPTracPhone V7-IP and V11-IP systems.
  • KVH OneCare Global Support Program 
    Broadband connectivity at sea represents a vital investment in your maritime operation. KVH OneCare Global Support is a comprehensive array of service offerings, all designed to leverage your investment in our satellite network technology to its fullest. KVH OneCare spans the entire lifecycle of your mini-VSAT Broadband solution, from design and selection of the best possible solution, to the smooth implementation of that solution, and post-deployment services and support to maximize long-term performance.

Built-in Hardware Options

TracPhone V11-IP, V7-IP and V3-IP with ICM The TracPhone V-IP series features KVH’s new Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM) with a built-in CommBox Network Manager, giving your vessel dedicated onboard networking hardware within the system's streamlined belowdecks unit – the ICM – by activating the appropriate optional software bundle as a service with a monthly charge. Learn more about TracPhone V-IP series.

Software Options for TracPhone V-IP Series

The CommBox Network Manager offers an array of value-added capabilities available through a series of “Quick” software modules. The Standard and Enterprise bundles are designed to create the perfect solution for all onboard networking needs.

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Standard Bundle
Maritime Enterprise
Enterprise Bundle

KVH CommBox QuickBasic provides management of off-vessel communications paths, with configurable firewall rules per connection.

  • Least Cost Routing
  • Bandwidth Management
  • Onboard Firewall

KVH CommBox QuickWeb dramatically reduces the bandwidth requirements needed for web surfing as well as the cost for pay-per-byte transmissions. Web traffic is compressed in real time, advertisements are removed, and content is cached locally on the vessel CommBox.

  • Web Caching
  • Web Image Compression and Ad Removal
  • URL and Content Filtering

KVH CommBox QuickFile seamlessly and cost effectively transfers files to and from your vessels as if they were a part of your office network. Set up directories or specific files to be synchronized from ship to shore and from shore to ship.

  • Automated File Transfers
  • Differential Synchronization

KVH CommBox QuickMail provides commercial fleets with a dedicated e-mail capability that either works as a stand-alone e-mail application or can easily interface with a vessel’s existing network and IT infrastructure.

  • Mail Server
  • Web Mail Client
  • Anti-spam and Anti-virus Filters

KVH CommBox QuickCrew makes it easy to give crew members Internet and e-mail access wherever they go. Roaming e-mail ensures that crew e-mails are never “lost”, by providing each crew member with one personal e-mail account for use on any vessel in the fleet, as well as on shore.

  • Roaming Crew Accounts
  • Prepaid Internet and E-mail Services
Activate the bundle that fits your needs!
Contact KVH Network Services for a consultation to assess your needs and determine the right package for your application at satelliteservices@kvh.com


"We chose the CommBox because we feel it is the most flexible and multifunctional ship/shore data communication solution on today's market. CommBox provides a comprehensive solution for security, emails, automatic file transfers, compression, full IP routing, web acceleration and more, with highly reduced airtime costs."
- Frank Eggert; Electrical Superintendent; Chemikalien Seetransport GmbH

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