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KVH TracVision HD11 Commercial Marine Satellite HDTV System

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Crystal-Clear Satellite TV Reception with a Global Reach

Keep your crew entertained and reduce your operational challenges by bringing the KVH TracVision HD11 onboard. The ultimate 1 meter satellite TV antenna solution, the HD11 grants everyone a front-row seat to global marine HDTV programming at sea as well as easy user operation. Sharp, uninterrupted reception will help keep crew morale high as fleets move from ocean to ocean.

Technology that Withstands Rough Seas and Bad Weather

The TracVision HD11’s ability to offer the best global marine HDTV coverage and superior performance in adverse conditions is due to groundbreaking design and technology. With a four-axis, fully stabilized antenna, the system tracks satellites from the horizon to directly overhead, even in rough seas. Its advanced Universal World LNB enables reconfiguration for tracking any of more than 100 satellites in its worldwide TV satellite library. The IP-enabled Antenna Control Unit with Ethernet and Wi-Fi allow seamless system control via web browser or free iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® apps.

KVH TracVision HD11 – the ultimate maritime satellite TV for global entertainment and crew morale.

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Options & Accessories

01-0343-01 : TracVision HD11 w/IP Antenna Control Unit; Universal World Ka-/Ku-/Ka-band Linear/Circular Quad-output LNB

01-0343-02 : TracVision HD11 w/IP Antenna Control Unit; Universal World Ka-/Ku-/Ka-band Linear/Circular Quad-output LNB (without labels on radome)

02-1900 :
TracVision HD11 RF SmartSwitch

19-0730 :
DIRECTV H25 HD Receiver with IR Remote Control (110 VAC) - for TV Series

72-0563 :
RF Remote Control Kit for DIRECTV H25 HD receiver


The ultimate global 1 meter satellite TV solution for Ku- and Ka-band services. For vessels 80+ ft.
Satellite Coverage Regions 1
Compatible Satellite TV Services
All Ku-band regional services worldwide2
Antenna Dish Diameter
1 m (41.5")
Antenna Unit Diameter x Height/Weight
1.2 m x 1.4 m (48.8" x 57.3") /
90.7 kg (200 lbs)
DVB-S2 Compatible
Minimum EIRP4
42 dBW (Ku-band)
45 dBW (Ka-band)
HDTV Compatible5
(requires a compatible HD receiver, HD-ready television, and subscription)
Yes (Ka- and Ku-band services)
Skew Control
LNB Types Available (polarization/output)
Digitally programmable
Universal World Ka-/Ku-/Ka-band
Linear/Circular Quad
Tracking Technology
Multi-axis High-Performance (HP™) tracking
User Interface
Internet Protocol-enabled Antenna Control Unit (IPACU)
Tri-Americas LNB Compatible
Elevation/Azimuth Range
-24° to +119°/720°
System Power
100-250 VAC
250 watts nominal
300 watts peak
(Consult price list for alternative cabling options)
1 Power/Data: 30 m (100') (single cable) RF cables customer supplied
Antenna Operating Temperature
-25°C to +55°C (-13°F to +131°F)
Antenna Survival Temperature
-35°C to +70°C (-31°F to +158°F)
2 Years Parts, 1 Year Labor 
North American System Configuration KVH Part Number
Universal World Ka-/Ku-/Ka-band Linear/Circular Quad: 01-0343-01
EMEA/Asia10, Brazil11 System Configuration KVH Part Number12
Universal World Ka-/Ku-/Ka-band Linear/Circular Quad: 01-0343-01
Latin American System Configuration KVH Part Number12
Universal World Ka-/Ku-/Ka-band Linear/Circular Quad: 01-0343-01
SKY Mexico System Configuration KVH Part Number12
Universal World Ka-/Ku-/Ka-band Linear/Circular Quad: 01-0343-01
Tri-Americas LNB Upgrade Kit Part Number12
MSRP (North American Configuration)

1 For details, visit www.kvh.com/tvfootprints.
2 Requires region-specific receiver and service.
3 N. America DIRECTV only; DIRECTV receiver included.
4 Please note that all circular Ka-/Ku-/Ka-band Minimum EIRP values are average approximate figures that may vary according to actual transponder frequency and location.
5 In U.S. HD programming available with DISH Network only. For DIRECTV HD see TracVision HD7.
6 Single receiver system.
7 Two-receiver system only, for most satellite services.
8 Some system configurations require additional RF cables
9 Unless subject to in-country regulations.
10 Some services in Asia require unique circular LNBs to work; contact KVH or your local dealer for more information.
11 Sky Brazil service.
12 Optional system configuration – contact KVH for details and pricing.
13 Limited coverage regions in Europe; visit www.kvh.com/tvfootprints for details
14 Tri-Americas Circular is a dual-band LNB for both DIRECTV L.A. and DIRECTV U.S. services.



1) If you own a TracVision HD7 or HD11, set up the receivers as Dish Type 03:Slimline-3, Switch Type 01:SWM, and if a DVR is used set Tuners to 02:Dual (accessed by Menu->Parental Favorites and Setup->System Setup->Satellite->Repeat Satellite Setup)

2) If not an HD7 or HD11, set up the receivers as Dish Type 02:3-LNB 18x20, Switch Type 02:Multiswitch (accessed by Menu->Parental Favorites and Setup->System Setup->Satellite->Repeat Satellite Setup)


  • Digitally programmable Universal World LNB for full compatibility with many direct-to-home standard and HD satellite TV services without swapping LNBs or other hardware
  • Exclusive TriAD™ technology for simultaneous reception of DIRECTV® Ka- and Ku-band broadcasts for HDTV, just like at home!
  • Superior tracking thanks to an all-new four-axis pedestal design with robotic direct drive that is both stronger and tracks better than competing products
  • Greatest range of motion (-25° to +120°) of any maritime satellite TV system
  • Advanced satellite identification, fully integrated DVB-S2 compatibility
  • IP-enabled antenna control unit with Ethernet connection and built-in Wi-Fi interface, for system setup and operation as simple as opening a web browser
  • Exclusive TracVision iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch® apps allow you to switch satellites, customize the satellite library, set up favorite satellite lists, manage dual antenna installations, check signal strength, download and install antenna software updates, and email KVH directly with questions
  • Full support for unlimited onboard receivers and DVRs (PVRs)
  • Integrated GPS and NMEA 0183-compatibility for even faster satellite acquisition as well as keyhole satellite tracking along the Equator
  • Integrated GSM Remote Support Module for diagnostics

Featured Options

  • KVH RF SmartSwitch  
    The innovative KVH SmartSwitch enables switching between banks of receivers from different regions with just a button push! For vessels with the need for dual-dome installations, the SmartSwitch automatically switches to the antenna with the best signal for the chosen satellite.

Exclusive Technology

  • Universal World LNB
    Thanks to our groundbreaking Universal World LNB, the TracVision HD11 is compatible with satellite TV services worldwide without requiring the laborious and costly process of swapping out hardware and updating software in each new region. Instead, the TracVision HD11’s digitally programmable LNB, the first of its kind in the maritime industry, reconfigures itself to track each of the more than 100 satellites contained in the integrated Worldwide TV satellite library.
  • TriAD Technology 
    KVH’s revolutionary TriAD technology – a breakthrough in antenna design – simultaneously receives broadcasts from Ka- and Ku-band satellites. These signals are concentrated by the precision tuned reflector and subreflector before reaching the unique tri-rod dielectric feed to provide a home television experience while you are at sea! And when you’re underway, the multi-axis dynamic tracking stays locked on even in the roughest seas.

    This means every TV on board can be tuned to any channel on any of the three DIRECTV satellites, with no waiting for satellite switching or blank screens. Plus, your receivers won’t lock up, reboot, or perform lengthy satellite searches unexpectedly due to expired program guides or receivers looking for the wrong satellite because, unlike other systems, the advanced TracVision HD11 receives DIRECTV’s program data constantly and sees all three satellites all of the time, just like home!

Satellite Coverage

The following satellite footprint information is intended as a general reference only. The satellite maps do not guarantee coverage and may change without notice. Also be aware that various conditions may cause signal quality to degrade along fringe coverage areas.

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