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AutoComp 1000

Autocomp 1000

Critical Link
A precision stand-alone heading sensor for sail and power applications, the AutoComp 1000 provides the heading information that autopilots, GPS, video charts, radars, computers, and other onboard electronic instruments rely on to complete their functions. KVH’s AutoComp 1000 is the critical link in the chain, providing unsurpassed accuracy so power and sail systems can operate in all marine conditions.

Designed as a remote sensor, the solid state AutoComp employs KVH’s breakthrough digital fluxgate compass technology to automatically compensate itself to 0.5 degrees for 100 percent heading accuracy.

Easy Integration
Mount the AutoComp 1000 away from speakers, motors, wiring bundles, and other areas free of a changing magnetic field. The AutoComp 1000 is fully compatible with the NMEA 0183 output standard and a universal interface card is available for use with other interface standards. The Autocomp 1000 sensor is found at the heart of the KVH line of Sailcomp and Azimuth compass systems. 

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Options & Accessories

01-0117-0001 : AC1000S; for Sail with NMEA 10HZ

01-0118-0001 : AC1000; for Power with NMEA 10HZ


01-0125 : AC1000S; for Sail with Universal Interface

01-0127 : AC1000P; for Power with Universal Interface


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OWNER'S MANUAL - AutoComp 1000 PDF file 280 KB / 5 pg

Additional Documents, Forms & Pricing

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KVH Industries, Inc. 1 Year/1 Year – LIMITED WARRANTY STATEMENT PDF file 30 KB / 1 pg
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Compass/Repeater Price Sheet PDF file 148 KB / 2 pg



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  • Remote sensor with continuous autocompensation ensures reliable heading data at all times
  • Accurate to within ±0.5°
  • Fast 10 Hz NMEA 0183 standard output compatible with ARPA radars, autopilots, and other electronic systems; optional interface card available for other outputs

Featured Options

  • Mounting bracket and extension cables
  • Variants for use aboard sailboats and power vessels as well as in OEM applications

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