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Tactical Readouts for Winning Performance
The accurate and dependable Sailcomp 103AC is the most widely used, electronic tactical sailing instrument available today. Ideal for racing sailors, the Sailcomp’s waterproof, remote display provides easy-to-read heading, windshift, and off-course steering information wherever you need it the most. And its standard NMEA 0183 output allows it to interface with other onboard equipment, including radar, autopilots, plotters, PC software, Loran, and GPS.

Rugged and Compatible
With its simple keypad and easy-to-read display, essential navigation data, and superb compatibility, Sailcomp gives you the edge you need. From Olympic dinghies to America’s Cup contenders, the rugged Sailcomp compass is the most popular digital compass among racing sailors. Choose the compass that champions around the globe depend on – Sailcomp!

KVH & the America's Cup
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01-0115 : Sailcomp 103AC; with NMEA

01-0124 : Sailcomp 103AC; with Universal Interface

Brochures & Datasheets

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Additional Documents, Forms & Pricing

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Since fluxgate compasses are magnetic compasses, they can only reference the earth's magnetic field. They can not reference the earth's inertia and therefore cannot be made to know True North.

If you wish to navigate in true heading, you have a couple of options. KVH's Azimuth 1000, Azimuth 314AC, GyroTrac, and Sailcomp 103AC allow you to enter an offset angle. This means that you can enter your local variation value (either positive or negative) and the compass display will show true rather than magnetic heading. When your variation changes because you have traveled a significant distance, however, that offset angle will not update automatically. You must update it manually.

The GyroTrac can also interface with a vessel's GPS, allowing the compass to learn the variation from the GPS. With this option, your GyroTrac will give true heading and will automatically update to the correct variation.
Six to nine months, depending on usage.

If the Sailcomp display flashes "Er 1" alternately with normal compass information, this indicates that the sensor is magnetically overloaded. If this message is displayed when you are installing your Sailcomp 103AC, the compass cannot auto-compensate and must be moved to a location with less magnetic interference (e.g., with fewer metal, magnetic, or electric items). Moving the compass to such an area should allow it to auto-compensate and eliminate the "Er 1" message. If this message appears some time after your compass was installed and compensated, it is an indication that something has dramatically changed in the sensor's environment.

Check the area around the sensor for anything new that could disrupt the compass sensor. Such disruption can be caused by a magnetic field or large amounts of metal located near the sensor (e.g., speakers, tool boxes, anchors, or electric motors). Moving the item placed near the sensor should solve the problem.

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  • Easy-to-install components designed to military quality standards
  • Automatic compensation ensures the highest degree of accuracy (±0.5º)
  • Waterproof, backlit LCD display with large numerals offers clear viewing during both day and night; additional displays may be added wherever they are needed
  • Interfaces with other NMEA 0183-compatible equipment; links to Loran or GPS to display cross-track error, distance to waypoint, and bearing to waypoint information
  • Simple, remote push-button selection of head/lift, starting timer, and off-course modes

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