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Breakthrough Service Bringing News & Entertainment Content to Superyachts
Turn the deck of any superyacht into a movie theater under the stars with KVH’s new IP-MobileCast for Superyachts, delivering new-release movies, TV series, breaking news, and more, wherever the yacht happens to be. The IP-MobileCast service enables automatic over-the-air delivery of a new generation of content that is needed to keep everyone onboard happy, and also enhance the boat’s operation. IP-MobileCast provides:

  • A great selection of new releases, blockbusters, and classic favorites from Hollywood, independent, and international studios
  • Favorite television programs and sports coverage
  • International and regional news updated several times per day
  • Electronic chart, weather, and training content
  • Superyacht Core Package for entertainment content at $295 per month; add news and sports channels for as low as $99 per month

The Superyacht Media Server is the heart of the service, with new movies and TV episodes updated automatically to the server – in addition to the hundreds of movies and TV shows that are preloaded on the server. Content can be viewed onboard on any device – laptop, smartphone, tablet, and TV.

Innovative Multicasting Technology
The IP-MobileCast content delivery service utilizes multicasting technology – a technique for one-to-many communications over an IP infrastructure. Shoreside servers encode files for transmission and queue them for multicast delivery. The content is delivered over the top (OTT) of the mini-VSAT Broadband network and does not use the superyacht’s data plan and does not affect onboard data speeds.

For Connectivity and Content, Choose KVH TracPhone V-IP Series Systems
KVH offers the only true end-to-end solution for connectivity and content in the marine industry. With a TracPhone V-IP series system and mini-VSAT Broadband service, you are ready to receive premium content from IP-MobileCast. Now, everyone onboard can have the entertainment content they want and the operations content they need, delivered economically anywhere in the world.

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Service Coverage Area1

Seamless Worldwide Regions

Superyacht Media Server
(Required for all entertainment content)
IP-MobileCast Media ServerYour TracPhone V-IP series antenna system feeds movie, TV, and news updates to the Superyacht Media Server around the clock in the background for a flat monthly subscription fee. Plus, the Superyacht Media Server is preloaded to give you onboard access to hundreds of movies, TV episodes, and music tracks from the moment you plug it in. Watch your library grow. Different programming content can be viewed simultaneously on personal devices onboard.
Superyacht Core Package
(Superyacht Media Server required; Package available on V7-IP, and V11-IP)

MOVIElink MOVIElink – Compelling new releases, Hollywood blockbusters, favorite classics, provocative indie films, and the international titles you’d expect to see at the Cannes Film Festival. Your library will start with 150 titles and continue to grow monthly as new titles are added.

TVlink – We’re living in the new, golden age of TV programming, and IP-MobileCast features the series that critics and viewers are praising. Starting from a base of 750 episodes, your library will continue to grow monthly as new titles are added.

NEWSlink NEWSlink Print – An international newsstand at your fingertips, consisting of 67 national editions in 22 languages and 14 special editions in English. Breaking news and headlines, technology, sports, business, entertainment and more. The quick and convenient way to catch up over your morning coffee.

MUSIClink MUSIClink – Entertain your guests without the bother of editing playlists. We offer 19 different music genres, each with over 24 hours of tracks just in case the party goes on longer than expected. Host a different themed party for every night of your vacation.

Superyacht Channels
(Superyacht Media Server Required; Channels not available for TracPhone V3/V3-IP systems)

NEWSlink NEWSlink TV – With 12 national news channels in local languages and 4 international news channels in English, you can follow events both at home and the countries you’re visiting. Updated daily.

SPORTSlink – You’re finally on vacation. Why not indulge and follow your favorite sports? Game highlights, analysis, interviews, plays of the week and more. Updated continually, in English, covering global sports.

SPORTSlink Special Event – Major sports events from around the world.

Notes & General Terms
  • Available to chartered yachts only.
  • KVH Superyacht Media Server comes preloaded with hundreds of movies, TV episodes, and music tracks.
  • MOVIElink and TVlink programming: unlimited onboard viewing; SD quality.
  • Certain Packages, Channels, pricing and offers are subject to change and may not be available or may vary for certain markets and vessel types. Additional restrictions may apply. Contact KVH’s Sales Team for details.
  • All prices are in $USD and do not include any taxes or fees that may apply.
  • A 12-month minimum subscription is required for the Superyacht Entertainment Core Package and Channels, and TRAININGlink – Videotel Basic Training Package.
  • Media Server content may be viewed on TVs using optional IP-MobileCast Set-top Boxes, and personal devices including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Personal devices require device licenses; fees apply. See IP-MobileCast Activation Order for details.
  • All Packages & Channels are subject to the KVH Airtime Services End User Agreement.



Yes.  As part of the new OneCare service the KVH mini-VSAT Standard Warranty increases to 2 Year Parts/2 Year Labor for mini-VSAT Broadband products.  Note that it’s now 2 year labor and not 1 year as in the past


Extended-standard warranty coverage must be in place before a customer can purchase a Global Technical Assistance package.  


For customers with older antennas KVH is offering the below trade in value for V3 and V7 VSAT units: 

Yes. These myKVH tools are for mini-VSAT Broadband only today. Usage on Fleet Broadband, TracPhone Fleet One and Iridium are not displayed or controlled via myKVH tools today. KVH Professional Services can work with you to design a solution for other carriers such as Fleet Broadband and Iridium.

Yes!  TRAININGlink delivers the latest Videotel digital training updates at sea whenever they are available, without affecting your data plan.

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Introducing IP-MobileCast for Superyachts

  • IP-MobileCast for Superyachts – content delivery service bringing unparalleled entertainment and operations content via KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband network
  • Content broadcast over the top (OTT) of the mini-VSAT Broadband network; does not use yacht’s data plan and does not impact onboard data speeds
  • IP-MobileCast Superyacht Media Server is the hub for new content delivered automatically, and it comes preloaded with hundreds of movies, TV episodes, and music tracks
  • Entertainment content can be viewed on different personal devices – laptop, smartphone, tablet, television
  • iOS and Android user apps for rich customer experience and easy access to all content
  • Operations content for electronic chart updates, real-time weather data, and crew training
  • Superyacht Core Package for entertainment content $295 per month; news and sports channels can be added for as low as $99 per month
  • Content delivery available in areas outside of satellite TV service footprints

Featured Options

IP-MobileCast for Superyachts Entertainment Content
Unmatched selection of premium movies, news, television programs, sports events, and music

  • MOVIElink – A great selection of new releases, blockbusters, and classic favorites
  • NEWSlink – News content from leading international sources, in 14 different languages
  • TVlink – Popular television shows and series
  • SPORTSlink – Coverage of many sports including soccer, basketball, and rugby
  • MUSIClink – Quality digital music, in genres to enhance your onboard music environment

IP-MobileCast for Superyachts Operations Content
Industry-leading applications to make your yacht’s operations more efficient

  • CHARTlink – Electronic chart updates so your boat always has the latest information
  • FORECASTlink – High resolution weather data always at hand
  • TRAININGlink – Extensive array of maritime safety and operations training films

Exclusive Technology

Advanced Multicasting Technology
KVH’s IP-MobileCast content delivery service utilizes multicasting technology, a technique for one-to-many communications over an IP infrastructure. With IP-MobileCast, content is delivered over the top (OTT) of the mini-VSAT Broadband network, taking advantage of unused network capacity without impacting the yacht's data speeds or airtime plans. IP-MobileCast uses proprietary software and patented Forward Error Correction (FEC) technology that provides advanced error correction, compression, and validation of data integrity throughout the transmission from shore to ship for reliability and efficiency. Shoreside servers encode files for transmission and queue them for multicast delivery; FEC technology ensures that onboard servers receive each file in perfect condition the first time it is transmitted. The unique FEC algorithms deliver the highest level of file reliability by accommodating intermittent non-continuous transmission. IP-MobileCast delivers large files, including electronic charts, weather forecasts, training videos, news, sports, popular TV episodes and series, music, and premium movies.  
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IP-MobileCast for Superyachts

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