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Tactical Navigation

KVH Vehicle Compass System


  • Compact full three-dimensional navigation
  • 100% situational awareness with or without GPS/GNSS

  • Embedded GPS/GNSS
  • Built-in two-way Iridium® satellite communications for messaging and secure position reporting


  • Compass-based system with embedded GPS

  • Designed for light vehicle navigation

  • Commander’s Moving Map Display (MMD) for route, waypoint entry

  • Driver’s UMD with steer-to functionality


  • For non-turreted vehicles

  • Dead reckoning: 2-3% distance traveled

  • Lowest cost option

  • Type-classified & approved by U.S. SOCOM


  • For turreted forces

  • Dead reckoning: 2-3% distance traveled

  • Far target location: 150 meters CEP for a target distance of 5000 meters

  • T•FOG upgrade available for greater precision

TACNAV Moving Map Display (MMD)

  • High bright display for outdoor viewing, and dims to support low-light tactical operations

  • Offers full functionality in multiple grid reference systems
  • Compatible with existing and future TACNAV systems
  • Annotate key operation points via touch glove-compatible touchscreen


  • Universal Multilingual Display

  • Support for multiple languages, graphics

  • Night vision-compatible

  • Easily integrated with TACNAV and other systems

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