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On the battlefield, maintaining 100% situational awareness is vital to crews of all military vehicles, not just heavy combat forces. Yet light vehicles don’t need all of the extras that “big budget” navigation systems bring. That’s why the U.S. Army and allied forces around the globe choose the KVH TACNAV Light as the ideal solution for low-cost, tactical navigation.

Type-classified by U.S. SOCOM and designed specifically for non-turreted vehicles, TACNAV Light is a field-proven digital compass-based battlefield navigation system. TACNAV Light offers a range of capabilities, including GPS backup and enhancement, vehicle position, hull azimuth, and steer-to/cross-track error displays all in one of the lowest cost tactical navigation systems available. And when linked to a digital Battle Management System (BMS), TACNAV Light can provide the force commander with continuous, jam-proof position data, improving operational effectiveness and increasing force OPTEMPO. TACNAV Light brings a new level of flexibility and performance to non-turreted vehicle navigation.

The TACNAV Light is controlled by the Arms Export Control Act (Title 22, USC Sec 2751 et seq.) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, ITAR, 22 CFR 120-130, and may not be exported from the United States or disclosed to a foreign person in the United States except as authorized by those regulations.

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Both TACNAV Light/GPS and TACNAV Light tactical navigation systems are designed for light military vehicles, and provide reliable, affordable navigation. Whereas both systems offer the same navigational performance, the TACNAV Light requires interface to an external GPS receiver, while the TACNAV Light/GPS has a GPS embedded in the sensor mast. 

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can correct for wheel slippage in the odometer feed as it relates to dead reckoning. However, TACNAV does compare its calculated distance against the distance traveled according to GPS. If there is a discrepancy between the two, TACNAV will temporarily adjust the odometer calibration factor to compensate for the difference.
Both TACNAV Light and TACNAV TLS provide critical navigation data to military vehicles worldwide, with dead reckoning capability of 2-3% distance traveled. TACNAV Light is designed for use aboard non-turreted vehicles, such as those in the infantry carrier, command and control, scout, HMMWV, smoke, and ambulance fleets. TACNAV TLS is designed for turreted vehicles, and is capable of linking to a laser range finder to provide far target location to within >300 meter at 5 km. In addition, TACNAV TLS can be upgraded with the T-FOG Upgrade, which adds fiber optic gyro precision and accuracy to this field-proven system.
Power lines have an insignificant effect on the TACNAV compass, unless you are next to a large substation with transformers. The lines themselves are typically too high to affect the compass. However, they may interfere with GPS reception.
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  • Auto-calibrating compass to ensure the highest degree of accuracy and unjammable position and navigation information
  • Dead reckoning and odometer interface for accuracy to within 2-3% of distance traveled
  • Digital interface with Battle Management Systems for improved situational awareness
  • TACNAV Universal Multilingual Display (UMD) capable of presenting data in virtually any language to the driver
  • Ideal for all types of non-turreted vehicles, especially the infantry carrier, command and control, scout, HMMWV, smoke, and ambulance fleets

Featured Options

  • Choice of sensor antenna configurations for optimal performance and flexibility when equipping every vehicle in the fleet
  • Optional TACNAV Universal Multilingual Displays for real-time navigation and heading data for commander and crew

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