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The MV103 (models MV103DG and MV103ACS) is a digital magnetic compass designed for naval vessels. Authorized by the U.S. Navy as a replacement for magnetic card compasses on all of its ships, the MV103 is ideal for amphibious craft, small boats, and naval vessels.

At the heart of the MV103 is a fully automatic electronic compass sensor that calibrates itself, requires no maintenance, and delivers accuracy to within ±1º. The system’s backlit LCD display provides precise, easy-to-read heading information. And since the system consists of three separate components, the sensor unit can be mounted remotely, while the control box and display are mounted conveniently for vessel piloting and navigation. With its easy-to-read display, self-compensating sensor, and modular design, the MV103 is the perfect navigation solution for all types of naval vessels.

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BROCHURE - AgilePlans by KVH - (Indonesian) PDF file 3.2 MB / 2 Pages
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KVH Industries, Inc. 1 Year/1 Year – LIMITED WARRANTY STATEMENT PDF file 30 KB / 1 pg
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Auto-callibration and Drive & Callibrate Method Descriptions - U.S. format US (English) PDF file 28 KB / 1 pg
Solution - Magnetic Compass in a Steel Ship - U.S. format US (English) PDF file 172 KB / 11 pg


The Er1 error message is displayed whenever the fluxgate sensor circuitry in the Processor Unit is magnetically overloaded, as when magnetized or magnetizable materials are placed nearby, or the sensor is in the vicinity of strong magnetic fields. Corrective action includes rerouting cables that are passing strong electric currents, removing magnetic materials, or relocating the Processor Unit.
There are several issues to consider when choosing the Processor Unit's location:

1. The most important consideration is to find an area away from large masses of magnetized or magnetizable materials and strong magnetic fields. The unit should be placed at least four feet away from large ferrous objects.

2. Place the unit as far as possible from large motors or generators or cables carrying strong electrical currents.

3. Install the unit as close as practical to the vessel's center of roll and pitch. The unit should be located close to the intersection of the fore-and-aft and beam axes; if a compromise is necessary, centering on the beam axis is more critical than centering on the fore-and-aft axis.

3. Mount the unit as close to level as possible when the vessel is in normal trim.

4. When properly mounted, the cover is facing up, the cable connector is to starboard, and the FORWARD arrow points toward the bow.

KVH is pleased to offer world-class support and warranty coverage for all of its products. Complete details regarding all KVH product warranties are available on global support pages.

The Lo bAt error message shows Lo and bAt alternately. This message is displayed whenever the MV103 receives insufficient voltage to function reliably. All MV103 functions are inhibited until proper operating voltage is restored.
The degree symbol on the LCD display flashes whenever the system is operating in the Degaussing On mode.
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  • Solid-state, maintenance-free, modular components for optimal mounting of controls, sensor, and display
  • Automatic compensation ensures the highest degree of accuracy (±1º)
  • LCD display with adjustable backlighting for easy viewing in all conditions
  • Variable control of electronic damping for use in rough seas
  • Meets demanding military standards for years of reliable performance
  • MV103DG and MV103ACS offer all of the same features, except the advanced model MV103DG has the added capability of dual compensation for degaussing on and degaussing off

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  • The MV103DG and MV103ACS offer all of the same features, except the advanced model MV103DG has the added capability of dual compensation for degaussing on and degaussing off

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