Bring the advantages of the KVH ONE Global HTS Network to commercial vessels and leisure boats with non-KVH antennas

Make the switch to the leading VSAT maritime network while still using your existing Intellian, Cobham, and other Ku-band terminals, all with no hardware changes! When you do, you'll enjoy great benefits, including:

  • 276 million sq. km (106+ million sq. miles) of coverage
  • KVH’s global, layered Ku-band HTS network, powered by Intelsat
  • Flexible month-to-month airtime subscriptions
  • KVH's 24/7 airtime and technical support*
  • Speeds as fast as 20/3 Mbps (up/down)
  • Choice of high-speed or unlimited-use channels, and support for simultaneous channels
  • KVH's powerful suite of value-added services like Managed Firewall Cybersecurity and KVH Elite Unlimited Streaming

OpenNet Program VSAT Coverage Map

  • Ku-band
  • Anticipated 2023 Additional Coverage

KVH Global VSAT Coverage Map

This map depicts KVH’s expectations for the KVH ONE network’s coverage; actual coverage and availability may vary. KVH provides no guarantees of satellite coverage or availability. Although satellites provide coverage over large geographic areas, individual countries have laws that require prior authorization of satellite services within their borders and territorial waters.


The KVH ONE OpenNet Program is compatible with Intellian, Cobham, and most other maritime VSAT terminals. If your antenna is not currently supported, our Technical Support Team can add the model to our system configuration.

Optional Hardware

  • KVH MTA Belowdeck Adapter: supports KVH's prioritized VoIP caller service on non-KVH antennas

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Use KVH Manager for Application Controls, Data Usage Alerts, and More


kvh manager screenshot

*Users will need a laptop and the TeamView app in order to utilize remote tech support.

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