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GlobalCare Premium Support Program

Thank you for being a GlobalCare Premium Support Program customer — we know you value an added level of service and support. The services offered with GlobalCare are outlined below. If you have questions about your current GlobalCare service, please contact KVH at satellite

As of October 1, 2015, a new global premium support program is being offered, called KVH OneCare

What does GlobalCare Cover?

  • Extended product warranty for up to 5 years from date of system activation, including parts, labor, and technician travel
  • KVH-managed response to service issues and hardware repairs
  • Rapid resolution of airtime service and network connectivity issues
  • Onboard hardware repair and, if necessary, replacement
  • Technical support in ports worldwide (view service location map)

Taking the Best Service Available…and Making it Better

GlobalCare Basic Warranty
Warranty Coverage
Up to 5 years parts and labor Visit for country-specific terms
Software Update Coverage Software updates available to subscriber for installation at their convenience; GlobalCare Center-coordinated support available on an as-needed basis Software available via local dealer, distributor, or selling party; service and travel fees may apply
Troubleshooting & Diagnosis KVH-conducted remote diagnosis while vessel is at sea CSN technician
Limited Travel Reimbursement for Onboard Service Up to 5 years Visit for country-specific terms
Point of Contact for Service Service response coordinated with the authorized technician by the GlobalCare Center Referral to nearest CSN dealer upon customer request
Service Hours 24/7/365 Standard KVH technical support or local CSN technician's business hours
Translation Assistance Support for 150+ languages Local CSN technician's language only
IP Network Support Coordination with other service/hardware providers Limited to KVH hardware only
Replacement Systems in Advance Available when appropriate for up to 5 years Within first 30 days of installation

GlobalCare's Tiered Service Program

  • In-port Service from certified technicians in more than 168 ports around the globe
  • Regional Service from certified technicians within 2 hours driving distance of more than 1,232 ports woorldwide
  • Contract Service from authorized technicians arranged by and under the direct guidance of GlobalCare Center technicians
  • Best Effort Service in more remote locations that may require direct guidance of your onboard engineering crew by GlobalCare Center technicians or the dispatch of certified technicians to your vessel (additional travel expenses may apply)

Delivered by a dedicated team of professionals specializing in:

  • Overall system technical support
  • IT and VSAT maritime application engineering
  • Airtime service activation and accounting
  • Field service and forward area spare parts coordination
  • Network operations
  • Global parts distribution
  • Factory repair

KVH OneCare Global Support Program
Click here to learn more about this new program

KVH Airtime Services Worldwide
Hours of Operation: 24 hrs/day Monday – Friday EST
Fax: +1 401 851 3823
To initiate service requests ONLY:
Europe, Middle East & Africa
Tel: +45 45 160 197
21:30 Sun. – 23:00 Fri. (CET)
North & South America
Tel: +1 401.847.3327
15:30 Sun. – 17:00 Fri. (EST)
Tel: +65 31584084
04:30 Mon. – 06:00 Sat. (SGT)
U.S. & Canada
Tel: 866.399.8509 (toll-free)
15:30 Sun. – 17:00 Fri. (EST)

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