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TracVision and High-definition TV

High-definition (HDTV) is not just an evolution, updating television for the 21st century; it’s a revolution, a viewer’s dream! The stunning HD picture delivers 10 times greater resolution than the standard television picture and is accompanied by multi-channel, CD-quality sound. Now the same dramatically clear HD experience you have at home is available for your boat or RV thanks to KVH’s award-winning TracVision satellite TV systems.

Whether you’re heading down the highway, fishing off the coast, or settled down for the evening, TracVision offers an outstanding array of fantastic programming and the easiest HD solutions available from regional satellite TV providers around the globe.

You’ve already selected TracVision, the world’s finest satellite TV antenna. Now watch the world’s finest high-definition programming wherever you go. TracVision and HDTV – it’s satellite TV on the move the way it was meant to be!

(formerly ExpressVu)
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