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DIRECTV® is currently the only major satellite TV provider in North America to broadcast programming using both Ka- and Ku-band satellites, with almost all DIRECTV HDTV programming being broadcast from Ka-band satellites. Reception of Ka-band broadcasts requires different antenna and receiver technology, so most domed mobile satellite TV antennas, including the TracVision M-series and R-series, only support Ku-band reception.

For boaters: KVH’s TracVision HD7 satellite TV system features patent-pending Tri-Rod Antenna Design (TriAD™) technology that allows it to track DIRECTV’s three primary satellites (two in Ka-band, and one in Ku-band) simultaneously with a single antenna, making it the perfect solution for mariners who want to watch DIRECTV HD on the water.

KVH is pleased to offer full support for DIRECTV’s complete standard-definition Ku-band programming selection with all of our TracVision M-series, so you can still rely on TracVision to connect you to 300+ channels of outstanding digital programming from DIRECTV. In addition, many of KVH’s TracVision M-series systems are also fully compatible with standard-definition and HD broadcasts from DISH Network, including its TurboHD, and Bell TV, for the broadest selection of satellite TV entertainment available.

For RVers: KVH’s R-series satellite TV antennas and the TracVision A7 are not compatible with DIRECTV’s Ka-band broadcasts, but they are all fully compatible with DIRECTV's standard-definition Ku-band programming. The TracVision R4SL, R5SL, and R6DX are also fully compatible with standard-definition and HD broadcasts from DISH Network, including DISH TurboHD, and Bell TV, for the broadest selection of satellite TV entertainment available. With TracVision, you can absolutely enjoy high-definition entertainment on the road!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enjoy DIRECTV’s HD programming with a TracVision antenna?
Yes! KVH’s new TracVision HD7 offers full compatibility with DIRECTV’s HD and standard-definition services for boats, including the ability to use multiple HD receivers and DVRs! For the first time, a mobile experience that is just like DIRECTV at home!

What if I am a DIRECTV subscriber and own a KVH system other than the TracVision HD7?
All of KVH’s TracVision R-series land mobile satellite TV systems and M-series maritime satellite TV systems are fully compatible with DIRECTV’s standard-definition Ku-band programming, which includes over 300 channels of high-quality, digital satellite TV entertainment.

Can I get DIRECTV HD with any other KVH systems?
No. KVH’s TracVision HD7 was designed specifically with DIRECTV’s Ka-band HD broadcasts in mind, and its patent-pending technology includes features not needed for customers who use other regional satellite TV services or who only watch DIRECTV’s standard-definition programming. TracVision R-series and M-series systems will continue to offer outstanding quality and performance for these customers, while the TracVision HD7 offers the best support available for mobile maritime DIRECTV HD subscribers.

Do TracVision antennas support any other HDTV services?
Definitely! New TracVision R-series and M-series systems are compatible with a variety of HD and standard-definition regional satellite TV services from around the globe, and an easy software upgrade is available to add this feature to many existing TracVision systems.1 Unlike competing systems that offer HDTV only for a single service, your TracVision antenna can easily switch from one service to another!

1Excluding DIRECTV-only Ku-band-only TracVision systems (Models A7, R6ST, M1, and M3ST). Some older systems may require a software and/or hardware upgrade; see a KVH dealer for details.

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