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TracVision and HDTV Worldwide

While some of KVH's TracVision systems are designed specifically for use with U.S. satellite TV services only, most of KVH's TracVision TV- and M-series antennas for boats are compatible with regional Ku-band satellite TV services around the globe. KVH TracVision systems are the perfect choice when you want to enjoy your favorite entertainment, including HDTV, on the move.

Thanks to TracVision's built-in Digital Video Broadcast (DVB) compatibility, our antennas are able to work with virtually any satellite broadcasting in the DVB-S and with the TV-series, DVB-S2 encoding, which is the current standard among many satellite providers outside North America. What does this mean to you as a TracVision owner? It's simple - as long as we can track a compatible satellite that is using DVB-S and/or DVB-S2 encoding,1 you have the option to watch both standard-definition and high-definition programming when available and without any hardware changes to your antenna. All you need is an HD-compatible TV, receiver, and a subscription to the appropriate service.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which TracVision systems work with services globally?

Most models of KVH TracVision TV- and M-series for boats work with satellite TV services around the globe. Visit for a look at what systems will work where you are travelling.

How can I find out about available HDTV programming in my region?

Many services and satellites carry both standard and HD programming. Click here to visit's HD programming page for an overview of satellites and HD programming around the globe as well as what encoding they use. Please note: is a third-party site and KVH is not responsible for its content.

1 KVH TracVision systems are not currently compatible with ABS encoding

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