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Thailand Coverage: Thaicom 5 - 78.5E

Key Antenna Size Products Minimum EIRP
1 m (41.5") 
TracVision HD11* 42 dBW
81 cm (32") 
TracVision TV8*
and all other 81 cm (32") KVH antennas
43-44 dBW
60 cm (24") 
TracVision TV6*
and all other 60 cm (24") KVH antennas, excluding the TracVision HD7
46-47 dBW
  45 cm (18")  TracVision TV5* 
and all other 45 cm (18") KVH antennas
48-49 dBW 
37 cm (14.5") TracVision TV3* 
and all other 37 cm (14.5") KVH antennas
50 dBW
32 cm (12.5") TracVision TV1* 
and all other 32 cm (12.5") KVH antennas
51 dBW 

*A region-specific LNB may be required for some services.

Satellite TV services in this region include:

The coverage maps for these satellites are provided as reference only and may change in the future or could be impacted by weather conditions. KVH provides no guarantees of satellite coverage, satellite availability, programming available on any specific satellite service, or compatibility of the TracVision system with new satellites that may be launched in the future. Please note that all Minimum EIRP values are average approximate figures that may vary according to actual transponder frequency and location.

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