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KVH Corporate Dependability

“I traded-in an older TracVision model for the new TracVision HD7. When it comes to getting HDTV on my boat, TracVision is really the only choice. We currently have three HD TV's connected with the ability to add more.”
- Patrick Mickle, Owner of Tribeca, San Juan Capistrano, CA

“KVH makes a fantastic product. I love the TracVision HD7 we installed on P-Pod.”
- Ed Pollner, Owner of P-Pod, Fairfield, CT

“KVH is a winner in the marine television market.”
- Richard Holtz, Owner of O! Richard, Ormond Beach, FL

“I was confident in purchasing one of the first units of the TracVision HD7 for Sensation because I’ve never experienced anything but the best quality when using KVH products. The HD7’s size is perfect for my boat. It works great during our travels in Southern Florida, the Bahamas, and the Gulf of Mexico and is much better than our SeaTel unit.”
- Dr. William Smith, Owner of Sensation, New Orleans, LA

“When shopping for a TV system, I considered both KVH and [a competing system]. I chose the TracVision HD7 because KVH’s innovative technology is impressive. I considered [the competing system], but had concerns about a two antenna system.”
- Patrick Mickle, Owner of Tribeca, San Juan Capistrano, CA


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