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“What has impressed me the most about the TracVision HD7 is that it works as it should. Boaters want hassle free reception and performance, and that’s what you get with the HD7.”
- Richard Holtz, Owner of O! Richard, Ormond Beach, FL

“If you are a HD fan, there's nothing better than the TracVision HD7. I get better reception on the boat with the HD7, than I do with the antenna on my house.”
- Ed Pollner, Owner of P-Pod, Fairfield, CT

“…I am impressed with the picture quality we get both at the dock and while underway [from the TracVision HD7].”
- Patrick Mickle, Owner of Tribeca, San Juan Capistrano, CA

“I purchased the TracVision HD7 because the changes in satellite transmissions rendered my access to HDTV, on an older TracVision model, obsolete. The HD7 absolutely works great and I get a signal all the time; everyone who goes boating with me this summer will appreciate that. I enjoy the use of the DVR, too. Overall, the [TracVision] HD7 is ten times better than what I had.”
- Owner of Porosity, Plano, TX


"Happy Day" 95' Versilcraft
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