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Reliability and Installation

“KVH products are bullet proof. The TracVision I owned before the HD7 had come loose and tore off the mount while fishing in some very rough weather and it still worked. Fantastic! Staying with KVH for our upgrade was a no-brainer.”
- Ed Pollner, Owner of P-Pod, Fairfield, CT

“I replaced a TracVision G6 with a TracVision HD7 and because they have the identical mounting design, the upgrade was a breeze..”
- Richard Holtz, Owner of O! Richard, Ormond Beach, FL

“KVH’s design using the DIRECTV Single-Wire Multiswitch on the TracVision HD7 makes the best sense for allowing DVR capabilities in any location on a boat without any expensive rewiring.”
- Richard Holtz, Owner of O! Richard, Ormond Beach, FL


"Happy Day" 95' Versilcraft
(01:30 minutes)

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