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TracVision Land Mobile

“Satellite TV [via the TracVision A7] allows the bus driver and travelers to have access to news and information in a timely and uninterrupted manner.”
- Vickie McNeil, Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor, North Carolina Central University

“Everyone is jealous of my TracVision, after they realize that it is mobile, live TV and not a DVD or DVR system. It definitely has a ‘Wow Factor.”
- Francisco Marroquin, Wesley Chapel, FL

“The cost for the [TracVision A7] satellite TV on the buses was comparable to cost for satellite service we have on campus.”
- Vickie McNeil, Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor, North Carolina Central University

“When I’m rollin’, I always stay connected with my TracVision. Driving is a relaxing experience. TracVision just completes it.”
- “Mad Mike” Mobile Electronics Guru and Star, MTV’s “Pimp My Ride”

“TracVision was an option offered on the Setra Buses as a solution for our communication and informational needs. Both ‘Eagle One’ and ‘Eagle Two’ are equipped with [TracVision A7] satellite television, satellite radio, and wifi Internet access so students, faculty and staff can work on laptops and access the Internet while traveling to cultural and athletic events at other universities and locations.”
- Vickie McNeil, Special Assistant to the Vice Chancellor, North Carolina Central University

“Why does KVH feel that TracVision only goes on a motorcoach or RV? I have one on both my H2 Hummer and Dodge Ram Quad Cab, and I love it. I never miss any games and my buddies love it.”
- Francisco Marroquin, Wesley Chapel, FL

“I had been doing quite a bit of commuting and was tired of only listening to Sirius Radio. So, I started researching mobile Internet and TV when I came across your [web] site. From that point, I researched TracVision further and decided it was for me. I’ve owned the TracVision A5 since 2005 and a TracVision A7 since 2006 and haven’t had any problems.”
- Francisco Marroquin, Wesley Chapel, FL

“I am one of your [KVH’s] most enthusiastic supporters! You have no idea how much time I have spent extolling the quality of your product and arguing with my friends who either don't have a dome on their motor home or who have another brand and are unhappy with it. It usually turns out that they decided to save a few dollars and get another one installed and then say that the in-motion domes don't really work. Friends of ours from Littleton, Colorado recently had a new Newell built for nearly $2 mil and they couldn't be happier with their KVH TracVision [R5].”
- Jerry Cooney, Breckenridge, CO

“KVH’s products are not new to me because of seeing them at various rallies. When narrowing down my decision between a King Dome product and TracVision two things were very important: how the antenna would handle DISH Network and customer comments that I heard from fellow RV enthusiasts and those I read.”
- Bryant Rowland, Wichita Falls, TX

“TracVision is a little more expensive than others on the market but, I believe you get what you pay for. I’d rather pay more and get more.”
- Deane McNiece, Parsippany, NJ

“Our RV is stored at an outdoor lot in North Carolina, when not in use. The TracVision dome has held up in all types of weather. All it needs is a little cleaning every now and then.”
- Deane McNiece, Parsippany, NJ

“When I’m not commuting in either the Dodge or Hummer, I’m tailgating with friends and family at Buccaneer home games and enjoy the clear TV reception we get from the TracVision and DIRECTV.”
- Francisco Marroquin, Wesley Chapel, FL

“Even though I don’t have to commute as much anymore, I can still keep up on news. I’ll tune into CNN, Fox and Friends and local news.”
- Francisco Marroquin, Wesley Chapel, FL

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