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TracVision Land Mobile

“My TracVision, compared to other satellite TV systems on the market, is best in service and appearance. It quickly locks onto the satellite signal for great reception.”
- John Montisano, Daytona Beach, FL

“I’ve had a TracVision since 1999. It has been excellent and I would not consider another brand’s system.”
- Jerry Cooney, Breckenridge, CO

“We would not change one thing about TracVision. We love it and would not be without it while running down the road.”
- Deane McNiece, Parsippany, NJ

“The in-motion capability of my TracVision is great, with good reception. It has quick recovery after the satellite signal is blocked by something. I have recommended your product to several people.”
- Richard Ames, Arcadia, FL

“When shopping for my mobile satellite TV system, I compared TracVision to some of the competition. Winegard was out of the question because of an experience I had with previous ownership. I also looked at VuQube, but I didn’t want to have to set the azimuth everywhere I went. With TracVision, I hit one button and the antenna locks onto the satellite right away. Even under a tree, it works, although it may take an extra minute to lock onto the signal.”
- Carmine Girone, Pelzer, SC

“My TracVision works great, better than the Winegard antenna I had. I love it and won’t leave home without it.”
- Carmine Girone, Pelzer, SC

“Our TracVision really came in handy during a traffic jam on I-95, in Washington, DC. It helped pass the time. The people in the car next to us enjoyed watching the show, too.”
- Deane McNiece, Parsippany, NJ

“Compared to other satellite TV systems on the market, TracVision is the best.”
- Bryant Rowland, Wichita Falls, TX

“The wonderful thing about the satellite TV is there isn’t any place it doesn’t work. No matter whether I’m sitting on the ocean in Maine, or on the Hudson River for an Army game, or sitting on the dock of the bay in San Francisco parked almost to Fisherman’s Wharf, or up in Green Bay – the frozen tundra – I can always depend on the satellite.”
- Joe Cahn. the "Commissioner of Tailgating"

“It turned out it [the in-motion system] was the only thing that worked right, and still is working right!!! I start it up before we hit the road and when we arrive at our destination it is already locked on the satellite with no setting up. Thanks for a great system!”
- Roger Hanning, Gardnerville, NV

“The TracVision on our Class A Holiday Rambler Ambassador is fast and works without having to do anything to it. I influenced my friends to buy one of your newer units [last month] – they are very happy.”
- Robert Pryor, Cerritos, CA

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