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TracVision Land Mobile

“I have owned a TracVision mobile satellite entertainment system for about seven or eight years. It has never failed me. I owned one prior to that, too, and both systems have always worked fine. I am very pleased with the system and would not be without it. It is extremely dependable and very easy to operate, just flip a switch and wait for it to find the satellite.”
- Richard Auger, Brooksville, FL

“I’ve had a TracVision since 1999. It has been excellent and I would not consider another brand’s system.”
- Jerry Cooney, Breckenridge, CO

“I love my in-motion TracVision dish on my 40 Bounder Diesel Class A RV; it is the best. When I upgrade the antenna, I’ll be staying with KVH.”
- Glen Stanley, Livingston, TX

“My TracVision has served me well over the years. I will insist on another, should I purchase a new motor home in the future. What else can I possibly say when you [KVH] are doing everything right!”
- James H. Mims III, Houston, TX

“Since 1999, we’ve had a TracVision on our Mountain Air 40' Newmar Class A Motorcoach. It has taken us cross country 4 times and throughout southern Canada and northern Mexico; the DIRECTV has worked the whole time.”
- Deane McNiece, Parsippany, NJ

“My TracVision works great, better than the Winegard antenna I had. I love it and won’t leave home without it.”
- Carmine Girone, Pelzer, SC

“It is so easy to get connected to all of the stations after we pull into a campground. TracVision is a wonderful system.”
- William Hood, Livingston, TX

“Since installing our TracVision on our Myacht Houseboat, two years ago, it has worked flawlessly. Being on a houseboat, we sometimes go through some bad storms. The TracVision always stays locked on the satellite signal, no matter what the conditions are.”
- Layton Morgan, Cheyenne, WY

“There are a few things that impress me about TracVision and KVH. First, reception of our programming is very clear. During big storms when power goes out at the house, the TracVision A7 still works and my wife and I have actually enjoyed dinner and TV in the car. Even though I reboot the DIRECTV periodically, I like the fact that there have been no problems with either vehicle’s TracVision antenna; I never have to call KVH tech support.”
- Francisco Marroquin, Wesley Chapel, FL

“The bus is often better equipped for watching games and doing my pre-game homework than the nice hotels where I stay. I’ll go down on the bus and watch the games there where I can choose which games to watch. With the great HD- quality, TracVision is the best seat in town for watching the game.”
- John Madden, Hall of Fame NFL Coach and Emmy Award-winning Broadcaster

“This latest bus has some significant upgrades over the last Madden Cruiser, the biggest being the two TracVision satellite television systems, equipped with high- definition broadcasts. Satellite TV is so big because I can keep on top of the games, the news, the weather. It’s great!”
- John Madden, Hall of Fame NFL Coach and Emmy Award-winning Broadcaster

“Our TracVision is a very good unit, what we call the better of the best. My wife and I have recommended it to many friends.”
- Ron Powell, Tillamook, OR

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