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TracVision Land Mobile

“You can be sure we will continue to be owners of KVH equipment and will spread the good word of your excellent service and outstanding personnel you have working for you.”
- Curt and Jeanne Berggren, Merritt Island, FL

“We just spent almost an hour on the phone with a KVH customer service representative while he very courteously and knowledgeably walked us through reprogramming our TracVision [S2] satellite system to our new receiver. Wow!! He is a terrific instructor. His directions were clear and precise and most importantly we truly do understand how our system works!”
- Dave and Nora Rylee, TracVision owners

“Both of my TracVision systems were installed by Sound Advice (Tampa, FL). At first, I was worried about how it would look on the Dodge, but they did a good job. When purchasing the Hummer, the dealership offered to do the install. Based on previous experience with Sound Advice, they earned my trust so I went back to them.”
- Francisco Marroquin, Wesley Chapel, FL

“Jack Cohoon has made the difference in our decision to equip the entire fleet. He took the time to educate and talk us through early problems, and to this day is always there to answer questions and provide service help. I am responsible for 27 TracVision TV systems; over time
I have seen continuous improvement, especially with the introduction of the A7 system. The A7 has proven most reliable. The lights help me to talk drivers through getting the system back on line when they have difficulties.”
- Gene Zeigler, Maintenance Manager, Champion Coach

“We had the TracVision serviced during the 2008 Georgia RV Rally by one of your techs, Jack Cohoon. He helped fix a small cable issue and the system has been running great.”
- Carmine Girone, Pelzer, SC

“Over the years when we have called KVH, your techs have always been friendly;
we receive good, professional service.”
- Phil Yale, New River, AZ

“This past summer we were staying at Meadowlark RV Park in Middletown, RI and having a problem receiving a signal on our satellite. Rusty, of the service department spent some time with me on the phone going over the troubles; I told him I felt there was a tree branch in the line of the signal but that I was getting readings on some of the transponders but not the ones needed to bring in a picture. Rusty said he had done all he could on the phone, but I could bring my motor home to your place of business in Middletown for more help. When I explained that we were setup for the summer…he said he would stop by our place after work and see what else he could do to help us out. That evening Rusty showed up and spent well over an hour working on up-dating our receiver and checking out our equipment and assuring us that everything was working as it should. He agreed that we had a tree or part of one blocking our signal. We are now back on the road and our system is working just like new.”
- Curt and Jeanne Berggren, Merritt Island, FL

“Having spent over forty years in sales to public utilities I know how important it is to have reliable people in the service department. From our stand point your company can be very proud of yours.”
- Curt and Jeanne Berggren, Merritt Island, FL

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