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Performance and Reception

"The quality of the [TracVision M1] picture, even while underway, rivals the picture quality that we have at the house. Amazing! There is also the cool factor of being one of the two boats in our marina of over 200 boats, and more Raymarine radar that you can shake stick at, that has satellite TV. It’s like having the neighborhood's first BMW."
- Mr. and Mrs. W. Seelmann, Pace, FL; Owners of Beach Potato

"Since I always cruise with my two sons it [the TracVision M3ST] gives them endless entertainment options whether we are underway or dockside and is especially appreciated when in port during bad weather. As avid sports fans we are always able to watch our favorite teams wherever we are and whatever the season."
- Ray Batt, Canton, MI; Owner of Batt Cave

"It's great to be able to watch the news and some movies, and even listen to some satellite music. The TracVision [M7] stays locked onto the signal for excellent picture quality."
- Stanley Hanin, Orlando, FL; Owner of Altisa VII½

"When we went for our first ride with the TracVision M1 installed, no matter what I did with the boat, it never lost the signal. My home satellite should work as well!"
- Al Descalso, Islip, NY; Owner of Barefoot'n

"I purchased a TracVision M1 based on recommendations made by my dealer, Voyager, and KVH’s reputation. Traveling the waters of the Northeast, I get good, clear reception at dock, anchor and offshore."
- Brian Murphy, Danvers, MA; Owner of Murphy's Law

"Generally I travel in Stow Away in the Northeast, through Long Island Sound. The reception [of the TracVision M1] has been perfect in all different weather conditions."
- Jay Calascibetta, Miller Place, NY; Owner of Stow Away

"We are very pleased with the performance of the M1 system and everything worked just fine. During the installation process I talked to your tech assistance folks and they were very helpful. My experience with KVH was the best!"
- Dixie Babb; Owner, Cruiser Yachts 420 Express

"The picture generated from the M1 is great. Although the M1 not a high definition system (unlike KVH's larger models) the picture quality is excellent. When I switch from a HD land-based antenna dish to the mobile unit, I estimate the M1's quality is at least 90% as good as the HD download."
- Bob Ragolia, Bayville, NJ; Owner, S/V Queen Elizabeth, O'Day 28 Cruiser

"I am an electrical engineer and still remain amazed that the [TracVision] dish can stay pointed correctly as the boat moves all over the place."
- Russell White, Maryville, TN; Owner, Montery 280CR

"Our 68' Hatteras Open Convertible is equipped with a KVH TV system and it is excellent! We previously owned a competitor's system, but decided to spend the extra money on the TracVision for quick response and satellite locking. We can make sharp turns, hit rough waters, and still keep the picture. There's no resetting or antenna unwinding and we very, very rarely lose reception."
- Michael Cantor, Linden, NJ; Owner 68' Hatteras Open Convertible

"TracVision works well all over the east coast and I am very happy with this TV system."
- Janet Clark, Greenlawn, NY; Owner 48' SeaRay Sedan Bridge

"We originally had the TracVision on a 65-foot Hatteras and I swear the thing was bulletproof! Now KVH has put in bigger motors, and has done whatever was necessary to get the system to work at its best in all conditions. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. Even in rough seas we still get the signal! We've probably been out in 10- to 12-foot waves and are still able to watch television!"
- Captain Scott Pearson; Florida sport fish captain

"KVH improved on an already good thing. A stronger motor, a counterweight on the back of the dish and some improvements to the material of the plate - the result is a very happy customer!"
- Mike Spyros; Service manager & Senior Technician, Electronics Unlimited

"The quality of the picture is perfect, considering the antenna diameter is only 14.5"
- Neil McLeod; Owner Tri-cabin Trawler


"Happy Day" 95' Versilcraft
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