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“The [TracVision M3ST] system has been 100% reliable and foolproof...The signal acquires simply, quickly and reliably and stays locked on the satellites even in rough water.”
- Ray Batt, Canton, MI; Owner of Batt Cave

“I purchased my [TracVision] M1 from Defender. After they installed the system, and because I'm the first in my area to have one, I've been asked on a daily basis, 'how well does it work?'. I have no complaints, it works great!”
- Al Descalso, Islip, NY; Owner of Barefoot'n

"I have anchored with winds blowing 20 knots, with gusts to 35. Despite the boat's movement, theM1 antenna's gyros kept up with the pitch, yawl, and roll. I have only lost the picture one time, and then only for a few seconds."
- Bob Ragolia, Bayville, NJ; Owner, S/V Queen Elizabeth, O'Day 28 Cruiser

"My KVH M3 ST has performed flawlessly for two years. Not to knock the new guys, but if I were buying again, I'd still go with KVH. Proven product, proven service record/customer support."
- Michael Raphael, New Port Richey, FL; Owner 39' Sea Ray Powerboat

"We are impressed most by the reliability of the unit; we can depend on TracVision to keep us up on world events and we do not have to worry about missing the Summer Olympics or major football games. We were also impressed by the fact that most of the boat manufacturers use TracVision and that the company is involved in aiding our military in their endeavor to safeguard our nation."
- Janet Clark, Greenlawn, NY; Owner, 48' SeaRay Sedan Bridge

"My TracVision is very reliable; it has worked flawlessly in varied ocean conditions. I think KVH has the best reputation."
- Scott Brane, Belleair Bluffs, FL; Owner, Grady-White Express 360

“TracVision is reliable even in 6-8' seas! During a crossing from the Berry Islands to Nassau, our children were able to watch TV & it worked perfectly the entire time. Keeping a signal in rough conditions is very impressive.”*
- Scott Brane, Belleair Bluffs, FL; Owner, Grady-White Express 360

“My TracVision is as good as, and/or better than, any other satellite TV models on the market.”*
- Glen Doane, Collierville, TN; Owner 43' Silverton Motor Yacht

“I found the satellite acquisition time to be incredibly fast, and I'm sure that entering the latitude and longitude figures from my GPS helped.”*
- Neil McLeod; Owner Tri-cabin Trawler


"Happy Day" 95' Versilcraft
(01:30 minutes)

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