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"CommBox plays a significant role in our IT/Communication infrastructure. We chose this system because it gives us control of the data communication and because we get highly reduced airtime costs."
- Marcel de Wijn; Captain, The Royal Netherlands Navy

"We are excited to have a new solution for day-to-day shipboard satellite communications that is both affordable and easy to install alongside our existing Inmarsat and GSM systems. This helps to keep our business operations efficient, and allows the crew to use the services to stay in touch with their loved ones. This is especially important, because in our industry retaining quality crew and officers is essential."
- Runar Gaarder; ICT Manager, Mowinckel Ship Management

"We were particularly impressed with the TracPhone V7's small size and affordable airtime."
- Runar Gaarder; ICT Manager, Mowinckel Ship Management

"We chose the TracPhone V7 based on the size of the antenna, simplicity of installation, and competitive price for both equipment and airtime."
- Eddie Kristensson; Personnel/Purchase Manager, Vadero Ship Management

"With our low Earth orbit (LEO) systems we enjoyed an optimal mix of low equipment cost and low operating cost, but they degraded rapidly and are of no use at all now. Reliable communication is essential to our business, so we found the low operating cost and higher data capacity of the TracPhone V7 very attractive. The initial equipment cost was higher than what we paid for the LEO systems, which is OK with us because the TracPhone V7 performs as advertised."
- Stephen Kemp; Resource Manger, Tesla Offshore

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