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"We chose the CommBox because we feel it is the most flexible and multifunctional ship/shore data communication solution on today's market. CommBox provides a comprehensive solution for security, emails, automatic file transfers, compression, full IP routing, web acceleration and more, with highly reduced airtime costs."
- Frank Eggert; Electrical Superintendent, Chemikalien Seetransport GmbH

"We wanted to provide more communication possibilities for the crew. Due to the high level of control and compression that the CommBox system provides, the crew now has the ability to stay connected with their friends and family through roaming e-mail and web surfing."
- Marcel de Wijn; Captain, The Royal Netherlands Navy

"The TracPhone V7 and mini-VSAT Broadband are changing the entire way we do business – the super-fast, always-on connection makes it easy for us to communicate with our office on shore and get all the weather updates and other information we need. Having the TracPhone V7 onboard allows us to spend more time doing what we're out here to do – maximize our daily production!"
– Scott H. Bryant, Skipper F/V American No.1; Fishermen's Finest, Seattle, WA

"The systems are performing very well. We were able to install a very important feature, a firewall with an access list, which allows us to limit use of bandwidth-consuming applications such as streaming video and downloading music. This is very helpful in managing monthly costs."
– Runar Gaarder, ICT Manager; Mowinckel Ship Management

"This [the TracPhone V7] makes it possible for the Master to always stay in contact, even if walking around in the superstructure. It does not matter if he is on the bridge, in the mess room, or even in the engine control room."
– Eddie Kristensson, Personnel/Purchase Manager; Vadero Ship Management

"When travelling through international waters - thereby crossing different mini-VSAT coverage areas - the automatic regional roaming with integrated GPS and automatic skew control saves the costly and time-consuming visit by a technician."
– Ulrich H. Madsen, Marine Superintendent; M.H. Simonsen ApS

"I don't have anything negative to say about the TracPhone V7. I have observed it operating in the field and it seems to work very well for our customers' needs."
– Daniel Patin, Technician Supervisor; Data Technology Solutions

"We have TracPhone V7 systems on three of our geophysical data acquisition vessels. These vessels use acoustic, magnetic, and seismic instruments to acquire information about the sea floor and what is under it. We use the TracPhone V7 for a variety of applications, including daily reports, troubleshooting, quality control, supply requisitions and job instructions."
- Stephen Kemp; Resource Manger, Tesla Offshore

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