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mini-VSAT Broadband Leisure Testimonials

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About Easy Installation

"The company in the UK from whom we purchased the V7 were extremely helpful in explaining the system; the installation was very quick and easy to commission." Read more...
- Captain Mark Millward, M/Y Blue Attraction

About Service

"We've been very happy with the service we receive from KVH. They flew technicians out to Athens when we had a part that needed to be fixed, and everyone we've encountered from KVH has been helpful and pleasant." Read more...
- Captain Ken Maff, Kapalua (115' Crescent)

About Reliability

"My wife and I don't have a permanent home port. Because we are constantly migrating, we needed a consistent Internet source and phone connection in all kinds of environments. We chose the TracPhone V7 for its reliability, speed of Internet connection and quality of the telephone service." Read more...
- Rick Heiniger, Owner of Eliana, 76' Nordhavn

About Performance

"The TracPhone V7 with mini-VSAT Broadband [service] has performed flawlessly and even superseded our expectations with regards to ease of use and also the speeds we could utilize on the Internet." Read more...
- Capt. Garrath Getley, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Paradigm

About Crew Morale

"The TracPhone V7 was installed on MSY Islander for several reasons: ease of use for charter guests, crew morale, faster satellite service, fixed airtime rates, and better communications between the office and boat." Read more...
- Michael Cantor; Cantor Companies, Linden, NJ

KVH Corporate Dependability

"KVH stands behind their products. We went out on a limb in being one of the first to sell this brand-new product because we knew we could rely on KVH, and that proved to be a very smart decision." Read more...
- Ron Muller; President, Electronics Unlimited


"Our first client to use the TracPhone V7 was amazed at its small size, and told us several times that they were thrilled with the easy, fast installation and reliable, affordable mini-VSAT Broadband service." Read more...
- Rex Militello; Latin American Sales Manager, Atlantic Radio Telephone


Sea Fox (02:03 minutes)

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