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Crew Morale

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"The TracPhone V7 was installed on MSY Islander for several reasons: ease of use for charter guests, crew morale, faster satellite service, fixed airtime rates, and better communications between the office and boat."
- Michael Cantor; Cantor Companies, Linden, NJ

"The best feature so far is the fact that I will often see four or five people online at the same time, and I do not get any complaints about the system being slow! "
- Captain Laurence, M/Y Sea Bird (112' Westport motoryacht)

"I believe that the TracPhone V7 really does improve crew morale. When a crew member can talk to his family, privately and not in the main cabin, it brings them back to real life, helps them relax, and gives them a serious energy boost. This boost translates into better job performance which is easily recognized by engineers and captains. That should be enough to convince owners to have it installed on their vessels."
- Preston Wright; Owner, Metro Marine

"Crews just love this product. It can do everything they need with no interruptions to business or personal communications, even when they run at the same time."
- Preston Wright; Owner, Metro Marine


Sea Fox (02:03 minutes)

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