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 Watch the TracPhone V3 movie!

"The system is working well and is certainly faster than our previous onboard communications system."
- Captain Mark Millward, M/Y Blue Attraction

"We monitor VoIP telephone use and utilize programs that allow us to monitor our data usage, as well, all of which is important since we've created a wireless network throughout the yacht. The mini-VSAT Broadband service is very convenient because we can customize it to meet our needs and also keep costs down."
- Captain Ken Maff, Kapalua (115' Crescent)

"The first customers who bought the TracPhone V7 from us at Electronics Unlimited were very happy with it. One of them even called us from the Caribbean, using the satellite phone, to let us know how happy he was with the VoIP service!"
- Ron Muller; President, Electronics Unlimited

"Everything has worked as advertised; it does exactly what the package said it would do."
- Captain Daniel John Leonard, 140' Amels yacht

"The TracPhone V7 and mini-VSAT Broadband are a convenient satellite communications solution for Kapalua because KVH is the only point of contact. We don't worry about wasting time going back and forth between service and hardware providers playing the 'blame game' – if we're having an issue, we call KVH, period."
- Captain Ken Maff, Kapalua (115' Crescent)

"We are very pleased with the simplicity of providing a similar ADSL type broadband solution to what our clients enjoy on land."
- Mark Wilson; Navicomm Marine Systems

"We installed a VPN router that helps us to control costs by blocking applications that use a lot of bandwidth, like Skype or Torrent, while allowing us to use the connection for the weather information and Internet-based system updates that are crucial to our everyday operations."
- Captain Ken Maff, Kapalua (115' Crescent)


Sea Fox (02:03 minutes)

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