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"Eliana has taken us from Mexico to Alaska and we've used the TracPhone V7 as critical safety equipment. We received good reception in these areas other then when mountains blacked out the signal."
- Rick Heiniger, Owner of Eliana, 76' Nordhavn

"…our communication system [the TracPhone V7] has been wonderful! I thank you, for your reliable system and Ron Muller (of Electronics Unlimited) for his persistence in making sure that we bought the KVH product."
- Stanley Hanin, Orlando, FL; Owner of Altisa VII½

"The TracPhone V7 is fantastic - it works great in the Caribbean, and I never have problems with it anywhere. It's nice to be able to keep in touch with everyone, and for a lot less money than we used to spend!"
- Captain Bernhard Friedrich

"The TracPhone V7 works as published; it's easy to use, with seamless operation to the Caribbean. It's as reliable as KVH said it would be, and I'm glad we chose to sell it even when our competitors were skeptical."
- Ron Muller; President, Electronics Unlimited

"I really haven't had a problem with the TracPhone V7 and I would definitely recommend it."
- Captain Daniel John Leonard, 140' Amels yacht

"My wife and I don't have a permanent home port. Because we are constantly migrating, we needed a consistent Internet source and phone connection in all kinds of environments. We chose the TracPhone V7 for its reliability, speed of Internet connection and quality of the telephone service."
- Rick Heiniger, Owner of Eliana, 76' Nordhavn


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