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"We've been very happy with the service we receive from KVH. They flew technicians out to Athens when we had a part that needed to be fixed, and everyone we've encountered from KVH has been helpful and pleasant."
- Captain Ken Maff, Kapalua (115' Crescent)

"The TracPhone V3 was easy to set-up and is even easier to use when we surf the web, send and receive e-mails or make a phone call."
- Juan Ramirez Manriquez, Allegra II, 54' SeaRay

"With the TracPhone V7, you have KVH as a one-stop shop, so you can make one easy phone call and get service with any part of the hardware or airtime."
- Ron Muller; President, Electronics Unlimited

"KVH put us in touch with one of their engineers on day two of the installation for help with bringing up the satellite, which was a tremendous help."
- Rex Militello; Latin American Sales Manager, Atlantic Radio Telephone

"Things on boats change constantly, so it's important that we can rely on KVH to help us adapt the TracPhone V7 and mini-VSAT Broadband to our needs."
- Captain Ken Maff, Kapalua (115' Crescent)

"Comparing the [TracPhone] V3 to other systems we've used, we prefer KVH's product quality and their superb service."
- Juan Ramirez Manriquez, Allegra II, 54' SeaRay

"In a lot of cases, the TracPhone V7 sells itself over other systems by its size and flexible 'one stop' billing procedure."
- Mark Wilson; Navicomm Marine Systems

"Since we installed the TracPhone V7, the system has been used quite extensively by the crew and the charter guests, especially over the Christmas period for keeping in touch with families."
- Mark Wilson; Navicomm Marine Systems


Sea Fox (02:03 minutes)

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