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Tri-Americas LNB for TracVision

KVH’s Tri-Americas LNB for TracVision – enjoy the ultimate coverage and convenience throughout the Americas

Imagine summering along the North American coast, enjoying your favorite programs from DIRECTV®, DISH Network®, or Bell TV™, and then making your way south for the winter through the Caribbean and Central and South America, while seamlessly switching to DIRECTV Latin America programming – all without ever having to change any antenna hardware. This convenience is now a reality with KVH’s dual-band Tri-Americas LNB. Switching between North and South American TV services has never been easier, and inconvenient LNB changes on your boat are now a thing of the past.

The exclusive Tri-Americas LNB is available as an option for all new KVH TracVision TV5, TV6, and M9 satellite TV systems, allowing boaters who routinely travel among the Americas to switch between DIRECTV, DISH Network, or Bell TV service when they are in North America and DIRECTV Latin America service when they travel to the Caribbean and Central and South America just by using a different receiver. You rely on your boat to take you to exciting ports of call all through the Americas. Now rely on your TracVision to bring your favorite satellite TV entertainment along with the utmost convenience!

 View the KVH’s Tri-Americas® LNB coverage maps - ultimate coverage and convenience!

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