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mini-VSAT Manager

Secure portal delivering a powerful suite of tools for unparalleled control and visibility into your
mini-VSAT Broadbandsm SATCOM solution.

The mini-VSAT Manager at the myKVH web portal allows you to manage your vessel’s mini-VSAT Broadband usage from
anywhere via the Internet. Authorized users have access to a variety of tools and reports, including those that provide the ability to:

Monitor your vessel’s historical track,
position, and speed data

Whether you’re monitoring one yacht, or a fleet of vessels, mini-VSAT Broadband’s Vessel Tracking Service from KVH delivers the detailed and up-to-date historical track and position data you need at any time, and from any Internet-connected device.

With either Basic or Premium Tracking and up to 1 year of tracking detail, you can select the level that’s best suited to your operation.

OPTION/ACCESSORY - Vessel Tracking Service for Commercial Vessels PDF: 509 KB / 1 pg
OPTION/ACCESSORY - Vessel Tracking Service for Yachts PDF: 526 KB / 1 pg

Set up data usage alerts via email
and/or SMS text message

Stay up to date on your onboard data use with automatic email and/or SMS text alerts to notify you (and others of your choosing) when your vessel’s data usage reaches certain thresholds that you can designate and prevent surprises on your airtime bill.

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Data use and reporting

To help you manage your vessel’s data use and stick to your monthly plan, the Detail Page in mini-VSAT Manager provides complete data usage and includes a Data Plan Section that shows you:

  • Your subscription
  • The maximum upload and download speeds for your plan
  • Your vessel’s estimated data usage consumption as of the current billing cycle
  • Your vessel’s actual monthly allowance usage and overage
  • The applications and activities using your data on a daily or monthly basis (NOTE: HTS products only)

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Allocate data to users by day,
week, or month

You can create profiles for everyone onboard, assigning them a certain amount of data per day, week, or month. You can even set up data allocations and alerts when usage exceeds thresholds simply by adding the email and phone numbers of those you want notified. It's an easy way to provide everyone with blazing fast speeds without losing control.

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Configure Your Network

The Integrated CommBox (ICM) includes four Ethernet ports and a built-in wireless access point (WAP) that can be configured in a variety of ways to meet your vessel’s needs. Some of the most common configurations can be set up directly within mini-VSAT Manager. If your vessel requires a custom configuration, KVH’s Application Engineering Department is available at

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