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Eye in the Sky

by Chris Watson on September 29, 2010

It sounds like something out of a summer action movie – a late night pursuit of a criminal, law enforcement helicopters streaking overhead to keep him in sight and guide officers on the ground right to the perpetrator using high-tech video systems, real-time tracking, and precision navigation. But this is no special effect on the big screen; this is reality thanks to a next-generation mapping system called the Augmented Reality System (ARS) developed by Churchill Navigation and integrated by Paravion Technology, Inc.

ARS enables airborne law enforcement teams to pursue and track suspects by overlaying street names and property addresses directly over the live video from their infrared cameras. With high-resolution geographic, address and property owner databases from communities throughout the nation, plus street information, satellite imagery and topographic maps, there is no place left to hide. But for this solution to work, Churchill Navigation and Paravion needed to ensure that their navigation and positioning information was precise, reliable, and rock-steady. That’s why they turned to KVH and our CNS-5000 inertial navigation system (INS).

Take a look at ARS in use above Denver…

To learn more about how ARS works and how the CNS-5000 is playing a critical role, download the new case study today!


January 02, 2013 14:21 PMInformation abou eye in the sky says:
Dears, I would like to know if this System is available to Brazil and the cost of a complete set of one. Thanks for your attention. Best Regards, Carlos Ferraz
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