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The View from Miami

by Margot Ricci on February 19, 2011


Today I attended day 3 of the Miami International Boat show. While a large percentage of my time as a graphic designer is spent designing KVH's booths and materials for shows like this, I have never actually been to a show. With no prior knowledge of large trade shows, I came to the Miami with no set expectations. I have been quite impressed with my experience here thus far!

First of all, just seeing our booth in real life is, at risk of sounding cheesy, magical. Our department creates every backwall graphic, rollershade, brochure, datasheet, movie, logo, you name it, but we almost never have the opportunity to see it all come together. We see pictures, but after spending the day here in Miami, I have realized that the pictures just don't do it justice! Our booth looks incredible. After taking laps around the electronics room and visiting every booth multiple times, I have developed a new sense of awe for the booth that our team puts together. Aesthetically, it stands out from the rest, and the icing on the cake is the exciting buzz radiating out of the booth and circulating through the room about "what's new" over at KVH.

TracPhone V3 -- the next generation of SATCOM at sea is here, and Miami knows it. The best description of KVH's newest product came from a dealer I spoke with this morning. He simply said, "The V3... It's a jaw dropper!". I asked him about the response to Thursday's big launch, and he told me the interest is overwhelming: this product is bringing SATCOM to the people! The intrigue about the V3 is incredible - the revolutionary product that put SATCOM within reach for a whole new market. There's definitely a buzz in the air about the V3.

Overall I'd call my experience at the Miami Boat Show enlightening. It's rare for a graphic designer to have the opportunity to be fully immersed in the  environment that we design for, and to interact with everyone from customers to dealers to competitors to curious passer-bys. Not only do i have a fresh new understanding of designing for trade shows, but I have gained a new sense of respect for the entire KVH team involved in pulling this show together.



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