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Spring is here and with it come the boat refits

by Chris Watson on April 07, 2011


Even the last lingering gasp of winter that came with the April Fool's Day snowstorm couldn't stave off the onset of spring. Finally, the snows appear to have gone and, for a day at least, the April showers have moved off into the distance. With the nicer weather and lingering sun comes...spring refit season!

Boaters everywhere are starting to take the tarps off, remove the shrink-wrap, and consider how to make their summer home on the water even more fun and pleasant than last season. They're thinking about slapping on fresh bottom paint and new varnish, tuning up the motors, and stocking the coolers. That makes now the perfect time to also update the onboard entertainment and electronics because the addition of new gear can make your old boat look new again, not to mention make it a whole lot more fun!

On the Water Magazine March 2011 issue featuring KVH TracVision M1 That's exactly what the folks at On the Water Magazine are doing -- they're carrying out a top-to-bottom refit on a 30-foot Black Watch center console, including the installation of a new entertainment system (speakers, audio, and a KVH TracVision® M1 for satellite TV), updated lighting and more.

Neal Larsson and the OTW crew are doing a great job documenting their labor of love and, like millions of other boaters, will be enjoying life on the water this summer in an older boat that's been given new life and some added "wow". It doesn't hurt that the OTW crew, based on Cape Cod, will be able to catch all of the Boston Red Sox games via their new satellite TV system even as they get in some quality fishing time. Of course that would be even more fun if the Sawx would finally win one!

Keep an eye out for upcoming issues of On the Water to follow the progress of the refit. You'll also be able to see the restored Black Watch in all its glory later this season on DIRECTV® Channel 630's On the Water TV.

In the meantime, if you're looking for great refit tips and suggestions on how to add world-class entertainment and satellite communications to your boat this spring, make sure to get in touch with an authorized KVH dealer near you.


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