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75 Enterprise Center - Groundbreaking

by Chris Watson on May 10, 2011


Anyone visiting our offices in Middletown, RI, might be surprised to see huge piles of earth in a large empty lot diagonally across from our HQ at 50 Enterprise Center. Well, there's no need for surprise...those are the first steps in the process of building 75 Enterprise Center, our new integrated SATCOM manufacturing and warehouse facility here in RI. This 75,000 square foot facility should be in operation before the end of the year and is designed to meet our expanding needs and anticipated future demand for our wide range of satellite communications and satellite TV products.

We'll be providing regular updates in the coming months here at The Mobile World on the progress of this new building, what it will include, and when it opens for business.

75,000 square feet is one big single story building that needs a lot of flat space!

The view of our HQ and factory at 50 Enterprise Center from the construction site

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