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KVH TracVision A5 and Live Satellite TV Add a New Level of Luxury to Limousines


MIDDLETOWN, R.I., Mar 11, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) – Limo Company Owners Drive Home the Value of KVH's TracVision Satellite TV Antennas to their Business and Customers

Limousine company owners know that a limo is more than just an automobile. It can be anything from a party on wheels to a mobile office. In both cases and for everything in between, the constant news and entertainment that live satellite TV brings is a top priority, keeping passengers in touch and up-to-date. Limo company owners around the country get the picture with TracVision(R) satellite TV antennas from KVH Industries, Inc., (Nasdaq: KVHI). The TracVision A5 provides access to 125+ channels of live satellite TV programming from DIRECTV (NYSE: DTV) and was the recipient of the 2004 "Most Innovative Product Design" Award from General Motors (NYSE: GM).

Arnaldo Ricciulli, owner of Florida-based Millenium Limo, Inc., currently has the TracVision A5 antenna installed on his three stretch Hummer H2 limousines, and he says he will not buy another limo without the TracVision.

"It's a selling point," Arnaldo says of the TracVision A5. "My customers get all excited about it and they complain if I show up with a vehicle that doesn't have it. It's definitely a must-have for all the vehicles I get in the future."

According to Arnaldo, Millenium Limo ( offers live satellite TV because it is ideal for passengers who are on their way to sporting events, like football games or NASCAR races, because they never have to miss a minute of the pre- or post-game coverage. Live satellite TV also comes in handy when passengers traveling on business want to watch the news, weather and financial reports before boarding a flight.

Television in vehicles, especially in limousines, has been tried before. However, because over-the-air TV signals become distorted when received by a moving antenna, it has been a dubious experience filled with static and rolling pictures. To solve this problem and offer hundreds of channels of crystal-clear television, KVH built on its experiences in the marine and RV markets and developed the 5-inch high TracVision A5. This award-winning system uses KVH's hybrid phased-array technology (U.S. patents #6,856,300 and D493,164) to create an antenna with a rugged, sleek design suitable for vehicles traveling on open roads across the U.S.

"Mobile satellite television is desirable and the TracVision A5 is the only way to get it," said Ian Palmer, executive vice president of satellite sales for KVH. "Limousine manufacturers, dealers and companies recognize the benefits of offering satellite TV to their customers."

Kenneth Boyar, president of Texas-based LCW Automotive Corp. (, a leading certified limousine design and manufacturing company, knows well the advantage of live satellite TV in limousines. LCW has been designing and converting limousines for more than 30 years for limousine companies and dealers, as well as for private and corporate uses. In the past few years, Ken says, he has seen the growing demand of the mobile entertainment market, especially as it applies to limousines.

"I find that people want to be communicated with," Boyar says. "A lot of people use it during the day for news broadcasts and at the end of the day to watch something relaxing on their way home from work. We have been installing the TracVision A5 on the request of our customers, mainly on the SUV side, because the system is ideal for SUVs. Plus, we have found that the installation is simple, and customer satisfaction is quite high."

The TracVision A5 antenna is designed for easy installation and is compatible with most factory-installed and aftermarket roof racks. KVH also offers a tamper-resistant roof mount system for vehicles without roof racks.

The TracVision A5's impact on the automotive market has not gone unrecognized. In addition to the GM award, the company received the Market Leadership Award from industry research firm Frost & Sullivan, which recognized KVH's pioneering efforts to develop and support the automotive satellite TV marketplace. KVH has also been named a finalist for the prestigious 2005 Automotive News PACE Award, as well as a Consumer Electronics Association "Design & Innovation Honoree," among others.

Complete details on the TracVision A5 and KVH's entire line of award-winning mobile satellite TV antenna systems can be found at http://www/

KVH Industries, Inc., is the leading provider of in-motion satellite systems, having designed, manufactured, and sold more than 75,000 mobile satellite antennas for mobile applications on boats, RVs, trucks, buses and automobiles. An ISO 9001-certified company, KVH has headquarters in Middletown, Rhode Island, with a fiber optic and military navigation product manufacturing facility in Tinley Park, Illinois, and a European sales, marketing, and support office in Kokkedal, Denmark.

This release may contain certain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. Forward-looking statements include, for example, the functionality, characteristics, quality and performance of KVH's products and technology; and customer preferences, requirements and expectations. The actual results could differ. Factors that may cause such differences include, among others, those discussed in KVH's most recent Form 10-Q filed with the SEC. KVH assumes no obligation to update its forward-looking statements to reflect new information or developments.

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