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Versatility of KVH DSP-3000 Fiber Optic Gyro Enhanced thanks to New RS-422 Output


MIDDLETOWN, RI – January 22, 2008 – KVH Industries, Inc. announced today that its precision DSP-3000 fiber optic gyro (FOG) now offers a variant with an RS-422 output, allowing the device to operate in a wider range of applications. KVH added the RS-422 output to the DSP-3000 fiber optic gyro this year, allowing the unit to be deployed in more applications where longer signal transmission, lower noise and higher data transfer rates are critical.

“With this new RS-422 output, the DSP-3000 can provide detailed, precision tracking data to a wider range of systems. Our FOGs offer precise and instant measurement capabilities, making them an excellent and affordable solution for many guidance and stabilization applications,” explained Jay Napoli, KVH’s director of fiber optic sales. “Our products’ stabilization capabilities have been proven in the field on stabilized weapons systems aboard U.S. military and allied forces’ vehicles in Iraq, and now, with the option of an RS-422 output, they offer these capabilities to a wider range of civilian and military applications.”

With their all-fiber design and patented Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology, KVH’s DSP-3000 FOGs offer high reliability, superior accuracy and performance, and exceptional vibration, shock, and acceleration survivability at an affordable cost. KVH’s fiber optic guidance and sensor systems are used in an array of commercial and defense-related stabilization, navigation, autonomous vehicle, and precision guidance applications. KVH recently expanded its fiber optic gyro manufacturing facility in Tinley Park, Illinois, and is now one of the world’s highest-volume manufacturers of tactical grade fiber optic gyros.

About KVH Industries, Inc.

KVH Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: KVHI), is a premier manufacturer of systems to provide access to live mobile media ranging from satellite TV to telephone and high-speed Internet for vehicles and vessels as well as a leading source of navigation, pointing, and guidance solutions for maritime, defense, and commercial applications. The company’s products are based on its proprietary mobile satellite antenna and fiber optic technologies. An ISO 9001-certified company, KVH is based in Middletown, Rhode Island.

This release may contain certain forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. Forward-looking statements include, for example, the functionality, characteristics, quality and performance of KVH’s products and technology; anticipated innovation and product development; and customer preferences, requirements and expectations. The actual results could differ materially. Factors that may cause such differences include, among others, those discussed in KVH’s most recent Form 10-Q filed with the SEC. KVH does not assume any obligation to update its forward-looking statements to reflect new information or developments.
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