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KVH Virtual Factory Tour Gives Unique Access to Creation of Fiber Optic Gyros


Unprecedented online video tour sheds light on the design, manufacture, and precision performance of KVH gyros

MIDDLETOWN, RI – A new action thriller opens with a breathtaking aerial chase captured by a camera mounted on the nose of an airplane; inside their light armored vehicle, U.S. soldiers locate, target and accurately fire upon enemy insurgents relying on the precision of their remote weapons system. The successful operation of both the camera system and the weapons system depend upon the performance of precision fiber optic gyros (FOGs) developed and manufactured by KVH Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: KVHI). FOGs are increasingly used in a wide array of both commercial and defense applications, but what is a FOG exactly and how does KVH, a leading FOG manufacturer, build them? To help answer these questions, KVH is throwing open the doors of its Tinley Park, IL, fiber optic products facility to the public via an online video tour to provide an unprecedented inside look at the manufacture of these high-performance products.

“KVH is the only fiber optic gyro manufacturer in the world that controls the entire production process, from creating our own specially designed optical fiber that’s roughly the thickness of a human hair, to packaging our gyros together in advanced systems for inertial measurement, inertial navigation, and attitude heading reference,” explains Jeff Brunner, KVH vice president of operations for guidance and stabilization products. “This virtual tour shows our step-by-step manufacturing process, from drawing the optical fiber from a single glass rod to winding the fiber on the gyro, and the stringent testing carried out on every one of our products. This is the first time we’ve offered such a public look at the innovative technologies that helped build KVH’s family of standalone sensors and inertial systems.”

KVH’s open-loop fiber optic gyros offer outstanding accuracy and excellent durability in a small package. KVH’s family of FOGs includes innovations in several key fields, including proprietary D-shaped optical fiber with an elliptical core, innovative optical circuit design, component fabrication, and system integration, and patented digital signal processing for improved performance. The new virtual FOG factory tour offers an up-close look at all of these features, and explains why KVH is a world leading fiber optic gyro manufacturer, having built over 40,000 FOGs.

In addition to being lightweight and rugged, KVH’s FOGs provide angular rotation data without any moving parts. This significantly improves the life span of the device and makes it highly resistant to vibration. Designed with multiple interfaces and outputs, KVH FOGs and sensor systems are easily integrated into other systems such as stabilization platforms for all types of equipment including weapons systems, gimbaled cameras and sensors, antennas, and radar. They are also key components of guidance and stabilization systems for mobile mapping and surveying systems, and unmanned vehicles of all types. KVH’s military and commercial fiber optic gyro website resource pages offer additional details regarding KVH’s fiber optic gyro solutions.

About KVH Industries, Inc.

KVH Industries is a leading manufacturer of solutions that provide global high-speed Internet, television and voice services via satellite to mobile users at sea, on land, and in the air. KVH is also a premier manufacturer of high performance sensors and integrated inertial systems for defense and commercial guidance and stabilization applications. The company is based in Middletown, RI, with facilities in Illinois, Denmark, Norway, and Singapore.

KVH is a registered trademark of KVH Industries, Inc.

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