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Minimum Monthly Cost


Voice per Minute


$2.29 Super Quiet Time (SQT)

MPDS per Megabit1


ISDN 1 (64 Kbps) per Minute


ISDN 2 (128 Kbps) per Minute


Fax (9.6 Kbps) per Minute


Data (9.6 Kbps) per Minute


Products Available

TracPhone F33

Inmarsat Fleet Plans Terms

  •  All plans subject to a $200 USD activation fee.
  • Requires a minimum 12-month initial term. Contract term automatically renews on an annual basis

1 The MPDS prices reflect the cost to send/receive megabits (Mb) of data through the Inmarsat satellite network. Bits, kilobits, and megabits are typically used as the units of measure for Internet data rates (e.g., a 2.4 megabit per second connection) while byte, kilobytes, and megabytes (MB) are typically used to measure file size (e.g., a 10 MB file). As a point of reference, 1 byte is composed of 8 bits. However, for MPDS billing purposes, Inmarsat has elected to measure the data sent or received in megabits. Please keep this in mind when calculating data costs when using the MPDS service. To convert the cost of megabits (Mb) to megabytes (MB), multiply the cost of Mb by 8.4.

2 Subject to a $99 USD minimum monthly charge which gives you a $99 USD credit toward any service used in the month (based on the published rates). Usage over the monthly charge will be billed at the same published rates. See “Inmarsat Fleet Rate Sheet” for details.

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