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LTE Broadband Airtime Plan

Introducing the new TracPhone LTE-1

Double the coverage and 10X faster service at sea

KVH’s TracPhone LTE-1 delivers high-performance LTE service faster than 4G LTE thanks to LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) technology. Now you can enjoy HD streaming and Internet in the U.S. more than 20 miles offshore, plus more reliable coverage and faster speeds than your cell phone when out on your boat1. All from KVH, the No.1 global marine VSAT communications provider.

Get all the details on TracPhone LTE-1

TracPhone LTE-1 Airtime Rate Plan

Data Plan $/Month GB/Month $/GB over monthly allotment
LTE10GB $99 10 GB $9.99

LTE that goes the distance! Double the coverage and up to 10x faster offshore.

  • Data speeds as fast as 100 Mbps/50 Mbps (download/upload)
  • High-gain dual antenna array for double the range as your cell phone
  • Unmatched coverage thanks to LTE-A service via two leading U.S. carriers
  • The convenience of a complete solution in one compact dome with the ease of a single cable installation
  • Need more data? No problem! You only pay a low $9.99/GB over the plan’s allotment!

What can you do with 20 GB? ALL of this!* Enjoy:

  • Play 60 hours of your favorite multi-player online game, plus...
  • Stream 30 hours of standard-definition YouTube™ videos, plus...
  • Watch 3.5 hours of your favorite TV series,** plus...
  • Use Whatsapp™ for 20 hours of voice & 90 minutes of video calling, plus...
  • Listen to 20 hours of streaming music, plus...
  • Enjoy 2 HD movies streaming at 720p, plus...
  • Browse the Internet for 50 hours, AND...
  • Send or receive 2000+ emails – more than you’ll ever want or need!

1 Speed and coverage area will vary based on antenna mounting location; onboard network equipment (including hardwired Ethernet connection or belowdeck Wi-Fi access point); position, height of, and distance to cell towers; network congestion; and network type.
* Estimates only; actual usage will vary.
** Medium quality setting

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